Mother's Day Stall

The School Council Fundraising Team will be holding a Mother’s Day Stall on Friday 10th May. Each child can pre-purchase gifts by returning their Order Form and money to their classroom teacher by Monday 6th May. Due to online pre-ordering, no late orders will be accepted, please do not send money on the day

Prep Parent Catch Up with the Principal

“Pop in for a Prep Parent Catch Up with the Principal”

Our Prep children have now been at school for a full term and we would love to confer with our Prep parents for an informal cuppa & chat.

This will be an informal gathering, with Luke (Assistant Principal) and Anne (Principal).


  • How have you found first term? How’s is your child progressing?
  • What’s been super? Any concerns?
  • What ideas do you have for us so we can improve your child’s experience?
  • Do you have any questions now that you’ve been at school for a term
  • This is a terrific opportunity to chat with other parents too.
  • Small children welcome ( we will have some adults & Grade 6 children to entertain them)
  • Coffee & nibbles


  • When: Friday 10th May
  • Where: Multipurpose room (next to the gym)
  • Time: 11.00 – 12.00pm

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

After a trial run holding the Breakfast club on different days, the wellbeing team have decided to run breakfast club on the original days. Breakfast Club will be available every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. All students are welcome to come along, and enjoy from a selection of Toast, Cereal, Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt, Smoothies and Milo. Breakfast Club is held in the foyer of the Canteen and runs from 8.30 – 8.45. The Breakfast club is free to all students.

State Trials

State Trials  

Congratulations to Harry Beavis, Beau Kiel & Max Morgan on being selected to participate in the Schools Sport Victoria Selection Trials.

Harry (G6) – Basketball

Beau (G6) – Football/Cricket

Max (G5) – Football

Beau & Harry were selected from the trials to move on to the next stage in Melbourne in the coming months, We wish them the best of luck. 


IB Corner

The International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile describes a broad range of human capabilities and responsibilities that go beyond academic success.

They imply a commitment to help all members of the school community learn to respect themselves, others and the world around them. At Mildura West Primary, we are committed to developing the ‘whole’ child. The attributes of a great learner help the staff and students to do this.

Last term, the children in 1/2C and P focussed on the Learner Profile, Caring with a Random Act of Kindness. A friend of Ms Parker has put a post on her Facebook page, talking about her grandfather, who is 93 years old. She explained that Ron lived in an aged care facility. He loves where he lives but was feeling lonely. Therefore, to brighten his day, she asked if anyone would send a postcard or letter to say hello. Ms Parker talked with the children about Ron, sharing a photo of him and explaining that he loved Holden cars and North Melbourne Football club. The children really took their time and wrote and drew some fantastic letters. Some explained all about themselves, others drew pictures of rainbows, cars and footy games.
During the holidays, Ms Parker’s friend sent a message, saying it brought a huge smile to Ron’s face. See the photo of how happy Ron was with this simple act of caring. It would be great to continue this caring act and 

surprise Ron with some more letters or pictures. Drop any letters, pictures or postcards into the office and they will be passed on to Ron.



State Trials - Cricket

Congratulations Beau who was chosen to participate in the School Sports Victoria U12 Cricket trials last term. Over the holidays, he received an email to congratulate him on being one of the 4 students from Mildura who were selected to move onto the 2nd stage try-outs. He will travel to Melbourne in July to attend the try-outs at the MCG. We wish him well.

ANZAC Ceremony

On Wednesday, we conducted a School Community ANZAC Ceremony. This opportunity allowed students to learn about the procedures and significance of the ceremony. We had our school leaders give a commemorative address, the Choir sing and a Special guest, John Barnes talk about what ANZAC Day means to him. The students showed great respect and I hope they try to exhibit the ANZAC spirit in their lives.

SRC Easter Disco

SRC Easter Disco

Date: April 5th (Last day Term)

When: Between snack & lunch

Where: Gym

Make sure to dress up as something to do with Easter or an animal.

Organised by MWPS Student Leaders

Prep Performance at assembly

Prep Performance at assembly

Each Thursday afternoon, our Prep children have been participating in a Dance and Music program. The children are learning how to express themselves through music/dance. This is part of our PYP Unit of Inquiry.

We would like to thank 2 of our school mothers, Karen Sutherland and Andrea Carter for teaching our children

What: Prep Dance item

When: Friday 5th April

Where: At Assembly (9.00am in the gym)

The children are excited about the dance and have been practicing very hard! We look forward to seeing you all in the audience. If you have any questions, please feel see to see your child’s teacher.

School Council – Thank you so very much!

On Tuesday we farewelled our School Council president, Kiran McDonald and 2 long standing members, Tracy Craig and Kate Pratt.

  • Kiran has been our school council President for 6 years
  • Kate has served on School Council for 6 years.
  • Tracy served for 5 years.
  • This is a huge commitment to our school.

Parents/Carers are all busy – most of us lead hectic lives butthese 3 women have found the time in their lives to serve the Mildura West School Community for a very long period of time.  An effective and pro-active school council is a key factor in having a successful school. And I know these members have contributed enormously. They have brought valuable life skills and knowledge to the role, and these have helped to develop the broad direction and vision for the school, maintain and build on the school’s facilities, making our school a fantastic place for all of our children to learn and grow. We thank them for their time and dedication to our school. We have many new members, we will pop some photos of them in our newsletter next term.


Our continuing Members:

New nominated Members

  • Jacquelin Iredale (Treasurer)
  • Jason Torney  ( Vice President)
  • Rohan Robertson (President)
  • Bonnie Martin-Giles
  • Greg Sandow
  • Christina Frazzica
  • Tia Farley
  • Sitarih Rowdon
  • Dave Woodford
  • Kristine Hederics