Grade 3 Camp – Swan Hill

On the 8th and 9th of August our Grade 3 students went on camp to Swan Hill. We visited the Pioneer Settlement and did lots of fun activities. We had a ride on the Pyap Paddle steamer on the Thursday and experienced different activities around the Pioneer Settlement. That night, in the rain, we attended the Laser Light Spectacular Show. It was AMAZING! We all woke up early on the Friday and continued to learn what life was like many years ago. Students enjoyed the horse and carriage ride and a ride in the olden day car. They also loved making a nail at the Blacksmith.

“The best thing about the Swan Hill Camp was visiting the old school because it had chalkboards and it had lots of writing on it from the olden days”. By Van 3/4A

“I enjoyed going in the horse cart and looking at the different things at the Pioneer Settlement”. By Ivy 3H


“First of all, I loved the Laser Light and Sound Show, especially when we looked at the portal that swirled around. I also loved the dinner, spaghetti bolognese and chips. I nearly finished the whole thing”. By Jate 3L

Book Week Excitement!

Dress up as your favourite Book character in Book Week

We have a wonderful day planned for our students.

When: Friday 23rd August 9.00

• Dress Up - All students to dress up as their favourite Book Character.

Canteen - Whacky Wednesday Canteen Specials

Canteen - Whacky Wednesday Canteen Specials

Whacky Wednesday Deal WK 5 (15/8/19): Mini Cob Loaf (Spinach & Cheese or Ham & Cheese)

Please have all orders into the canteen by 9.00am


Father’s Day Stall 2019

Don’t forget poor old Dad, Grandpa, Pop or Uncle!

Orders due back to school no later than Monday 26th August

2019 Parent Opinion Survey


Thank-you to the parents that have taken the time to complete the Parent Opinion Survey.

Approximately 30 per cent of parents have been invited to participate in this year’s survey. All responses to the survey are anonymous. This year the survey will be conducted online from Monday 22nd July to Sunday 11th August. If your name has been randomly selected, your child will have bought a note home with the survey link. You can login to the secure site and complete the survey online from any device connected to the internet, at a time convenient to you during the survey period.
PLEASE find the time to complete the survey, we really value your opinion.

Book Fair

Book Fair dates: Monday July 29th – Wednesday August 7th

Shopping hours:  8.30am – 8.50am and 3.15pm – 4.00pm.

We look forward to seeing you and your family at our Book Fair! 

Remember, all purchases benefit our school.

Tune in to our latest West Podcast.

Mildura West Podcast Episode 5

Mildura West student leaders have published another podcast about our school. We hope you have a listen and subscribe to all our episodes. You can find us on iTunes, Spotify or Google podcasts – just search for “Mildura West”! Or you can find us here too: mildurawest-podcast

Whacky Wednesday Canteen Specials

Whacky Wednesday Deal WK 4 8/8/19 

Pin Wheels (Hawaiian or BBQ Chicken)

Please have all orders into the canteen by 9.00am


Exciting news, this year our Mildura West Choir are performing at The Beat on Wednesday August 28th at 11am. Students have been practising with Tafe and Ms Parker every Wednesday at lunch and are ready to perform. We are singing at the Matinee session and if any West families would like to attend, tickets are available at the Mildura Arts Centre from August 1st.

Milk Bottle Recycling

As part of our ongoing Environmental program at Mildura West Primary School, we are collecting plastic milk and orange juice bottles, which are suitable for recycling. This program has commenced and we have already sent 1 full bale away to be recycled. Please remember that each bottle must be washed, cleaned and the top removed before it can be placed in the yellow lidded, recycling bin, located near the Science room. This bin has a clear label on the front. Please do not take the bottles to the office as they must be deposited straight into the available recycling bin. The recycling company will not accept any plastic bottle that has not been cleaned. 

The material collected will be sent away, recycled and returned to our school in its new life - as seating for our students.