MWPS Walkathon

The School Council Fund raising committee were very happy with the Walkathon last Friday. The children and some parents/carers had lots of fun walking or running laps of our school. Please return Sponsorship money ASAP. School council will then identify something our school needs and allocate the Funds to this. Of course, we will let you know what that is once a decision has been made.

Prep Grandparents/Special Friends day

Check out the galleries for photos.
Last Thursday, our Prep grandparents and special friends came to school for a morning of learning and fun. This was a celebration of our Unit of Inquiry, where we have been learning about Family Histories.
The Prep students shared some of their learning and then they did an activity together. They also performed a song and dance. We concluded with morning tea and a look at the collages that the children created. It was wonderful to see so many special guests and Prep students enjoying spending time together.

2 Pupil Free days – August 29 & 30

Next Thursday and Friday, our teachers will be visiting several International Baccalaureate schools in Melbourne. Experienced IB teachers and school leaders will be talking with us about their IB program. We are very excited to be able to see other IB schools in action, schools that have had IB for 10 years or more. We will share our experiences in the next newsletter. I’m sure we will learn a great deal.

Book Launch

It’s true - Your child is an author!
For many weeks, your child has been writing, refining and publishing a wonderful book. They have worked so hard and they would love to read their book to you. I know everyone is busy but it would be super if you could pop in. You’ve received a couple of flyers about this exciting event.
  • Fancy Dress Parade at 9.00 – 10.00am
  • Children’s Book Launch at 10.00am.


Exciting news, this year our Mildura West Choir are performing at The Beat on Wednesday August 28th at 11am. Students have been practising with Tafe and Ms Parker every Wednesday at lunch and are ready to perform. We are singing at the Matinee session and if any West families would like to attend, tickets are available at the Mildura Arts Centre from August 1st.

OSHC is open all day for the Student Free Curriculum Days

OSHC is open all day on 29th and 30th August for the Student Free Curriculum Days

Enrolment forms for these days are available from the school office or the OSHC service – places are limited.

Bookings by Friday 23rd August.


Phone: 5023 1336   Mobile: 0408 050 802

CAT Reporting- Have you seen the latest CAT report???

Earlier in the Term we published the results from our CAT/Reporting survey. The data showed strong support for the ongoing reporting and we hope you are continuing to find these reports informative. The first round of CAT reports for Term 3 have gone up, log in and have a look. There will be more going up next week.

Compass Support - If you need help please call! A password reset is easy! If you would like further assistance please make a time to meet with Darrel Branson or Luke Jeffers. We will also have a Compass Support desk at each Friday assembly from now, so pop on over and say hi to Janine. We are here to help!

2019 Parent Opinion Survey Reminder – Please complete


Thank-you to the parents that have taken the time to complete the Parent Opinion Survey. If you have not already done so, please log on and complete the survey by August 18th.

Approximately 30 per cent of parents have been invited to participate in this year’s survey. All responses to the survey are anonymous. This year the survey will be conducted online from Monday 22nd July to Sunday 18th August. If your name has been randomly selected, your child will have bought a note home with the survey link. You can login to the secure site and complete the survey online from any device connected to the internet, at a time convenient to you during the survey period.

PLEASE find the time to complete the survey, we really value your opinion.

Walkathon – Raising funds for our school.

Our Fundraising Committee has planned a Walkathon to raise funds for our school.

The Walkathon promotes fun and fitness! Students will set realistic lap goals based on their age and development, then we will need to find sponsorship or donations from family or friends.  Parents and Carers can come along and get their 10,000 steps.

Please read the flyer included in this newsletter

When - Friday 16th August from 11.30 – 1.30pm

Where - Mildura West Primary School

What - Students will collect sponsorships / donations, then walk laps of the school to meet their personal goal.

Who - Students will be walking at this time, with parents, grandparents and carers invited to attend!

Students are encouraged to come dressed in their house colours 

Kite Flying

Last week 2L & 2D made the most of the wild, windy weather and went out to the oval to fly kites that were kindly donated by Irymple Foot Clinic. For many students, this was the first time they have experienced flying a kite and it proved to be a big hit with everyone. We discovered that flying a kite is not as easy as it seems and the kites sometimes had a mind of their own! When we returned to the classroom we wrote about our experience, sharing our thoughts and feelings. We would like to send a very big THANK YOU to Irymple Foot Clinic. You brought smiles to many students’ faces and they were thrilled to be able to take one home each to enjoy with their family. by Miss Kolpin

“Whoosh! Today was so windy. 2L and 2D got to fly fluro orange kites. The artic wind was soooooo freezing! I was chilled to the bone. Miss Dempsey’s group’s kite only liked one person… Sebastian! I laughed when he got all tangled up in the invisible string! I was so Happy”.  Linkon 2D

“One freezing day we flew kites like a plane doing loop the loops. The kite goes side to side. The wind dances with the kite. The kite tries escaping my beautiful hands but I hold on as the wind tries to pull me. I love amazing kites”.  Josh 2L

“On a freezing morning we went to fly kites outside on the oval. I felt excited at the start but then when we were flying them it got hard. I had so much fun. Abbie got the kite up all the way to the sky and I felt a bit frustrated at the start. Miss Kolpin got the kites from Irymple Foot Clinic. I was in Julie-Anne’s group. It was really windy outside and I was freezing like an ice block. Miss Kolpin’s kite was the highest on the whole oval. When I flew my kite I was frustrated. My face was so red and so, so, so pink. I was devastated that I couldn’t get it up high but I was so fascinated.” Olivia 2L