Marion wins Dame Phyllis Frost Award

Congratulations to Marion Vorwerk who was recognised for her contribution to Keep Australia Beautiful over many years. The school is very proud of Marion and her dedication to the school and greater community. This award recognises outstanding achievement of an individual in community participation and environmental protection:

Community involvement and contribution- the number of years of involvement and the level of involvement and contribution to their community

Demonstrating environmental concern - actively involved in enhancing and protecting their local environment

Leadership – demonstrating evidence of leadership and guidance of others within the community to achieve a positive community outcome.

Keep Victoria Beautiful participation – current and/or past participation in KVB Programs 

Congratulations Mrs Vorwerk

Neighbourhood Watch Victoria - State Award of Appreciation 2015 [for a non- member of Neighbourhood Watch making a difference!]

Since 2009, Marion has worked with Neighbourhood Watch and the local police initially instigating the Walking Bus Program at Mildura West Primary School which has now become a monthly event for the school.

Throughout these years Marion has incorporated Forensic Science into the Year 5 and 6 Science Program with Joe Clarke, local policeman, presenting authentic classes with these students and Helen from Neighbourhood Watch supporting him.
This year a pilot program is being trialled: Forensic Science and Junior Neighbourhood Watch to provide students with an understanding of Forensic Science as well as the students developing their skills such as observation, questioning and communication of their ideas in the community as part of Junior Neighbourhood Watch.

Arriving on time

Please ensure your child is here no later than 8.50am. This is very important. Many children are arriving late. When this happens, they miss valuable learning time.

Book Launch

I want to thank the parents/carers, families and friends who came to share in the celebration. It was terrific.

Our grade 6 leaders also organised a wonderful parade and everyone danced away! After our colourful fancy dress parade, the Grade 6 children also ran games for the remainder of the school.

It was lots of fun!!

Invention Convention

The Invention Convention was a huge success! Here is a quick time lapse video of the huge effort that went into staging the convention. We'll be posting some more detailed video about the student learning the coming weeks.

Games Net Team

GAMES NET Students go to Melbourne

On Monday our 'Games Net’ students went to Melbourne to visit ACMI (The Australian Centre for the Moving Image). They worked with other students from all parts of the state to work on developing video games. They worked in their teams with students from both primary and secondary schools. They will visit Melbourne again on Thursday (Aug 13th) to continue to develop their ideas in their teams. For the rest of the term they will be using video conferencing and other technology to build, communicate and collaborate on their video games which will be published later this year.

Sustainability Ambassadors

On Thursday the Sustainability Ambassadors spent time with Cath Hall MRCC Sustainability Officer stencilling our drains. They used a fish to symbolise the animals and plants that can be affected by litter in the Murray River. The stencilled message ‘Only Rain Down the Drain!’ is to help educate our students to put their litter in the bin and not have any of it go down the drains ending up in the River. Thank you to this team of students for promoting this initiative.

Games Net - Pilot Project

Mildura West is participating in a pilot project called Games Net. The project is a Victorian government initiative to support the education needs of gifted and talented students and is run by ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image).

We have four children in Grade 5 involved in the project – Aiden Penny, Jesse Mattson, Josie Brigante, and Amber King.

The project will team our students with other similar students from across schools in Victoria to create videogames collaboratively in an online environment. They will be assisted through the process by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, industry mentors, online resources and specialist teachers. As part of the project all students will be flying to Melbourne twice this term to collaborate with other students across the state. They will then continue to work together across the Internet to collaboratively build games and will present their final work in Melbourne in December. It should be a very, very exciting project for all involved!


Thank you to all of our Sustainability Ambassadors for representing our school last Thursday for Community Tree Planting Day. MRCC Environmental Officers, Bonnie and Nadia, supported our students to revegetate an area that has previously had off road driving damage.  All students were a credit to our school with the way they worked as a team.

Forensic Science

Last week, Joe Clarke, a local police officer came to all the Year 5and 6 classes for a Forensic Art session. All students had the opportunity to become forensic sketch artists. Joe gave the students 20 clues and from the information they needed to sketch a suspect! The purpose of this task was to demonstrate that observation skills are very important to be an effective witness. Thank you Joe!