Healthy Breakfast Program

Commences Thursday 3rd March

It will run every Tuesday & Thursday from 8.30am.

Open to all students who would like to attend.

Easter Raffle

We are asking families to support our fundraising efforts by kindly donating an Easter-themed item to each child’s classroom.  Items could include Easter gift bags, chocolates, books, toys etc.  (Please be sure to check the use by dates on all perishable items). A box has been placed in each classroom for these donations.

Each child will be asked to sell raffle tickets to family and friends. Tickets are $1 each and there are 10 tickets in a book. 

Please return all sold tickets and money to the front office by Wednesday, March 23, 2015. Winners will be announced in the School Newsletter the following day.

Thank you so much for your efforts and generous support! 

Basketball court update

Last week we reported that works on the basketball court will begin today. Unfortunately, the contractor has been delayed, but we hope that works will begin very soon.


Every day we have many children coming to the front office to get a hat. We are very concerned that so many children are outside in the harsh sun without a hat. Please name your child’s hat very clearly so if it is misplaced we can find the owner. The “no hat no play” rule is really for your child’s wellbeing. 

Student Leadership Presentation

This Friday our student school leaders will receive their badges. We do hope you can join us for the ceremony.

Parking around the school.

We have been having lots of trouble with cars parking illegally. We are worried a child will be hurt, or worse. Parking Inspectors are now making regular visits to ensure people are parking legally. Please understand that these regulations are in place for your child’s safety. 

Parent / Teacher Meetings

It was so fantastic to see so many parents/carers at the Parent/teacher meetings. Thank you for coming and telling us all about your child. Please keep in contact. If we work together your child will have a super year.

Breaky with our student leaders

On Monday I had the pleasure of having breakfast with our school captains and SRC leaders. They had many ideas to improve our school. These young people are going to be terrific leaders - that’s for sure. 

Homework Policy

We have included our Homework policy – please read it carefully and see your child’s teacher if you have any questions or problems with it. 

School Uniforms

It is lovely to see our students taking pride in our school and wearing school uniform every day.

Our school uniform is available from Lowes in Central Plaza on 15th street. A price list is available from the office. 

For those families who are having difficulty purchasing a uniform for various reasons, we are pleased to be able to offer support. The School State Relief program can provide all of our blue 

uniforms, shoes, socks and singlets for a discounted price, usually around 40 - 60% off the normal price. All applications are submitted online through our Wellbeing Officer – Belinda McShane. If you would like assistance with getting new uniforms please phone or email the school anytime during the school year. 

We gladly accept uniform donations if your child has grown out of their clothes – please send them to our office cleaned and ironed.