Freddo Frog Fundraiser

Mildura West Fundraising Team are having a Freddo Frog Fundraiser.

Please indicate on the attached form if you are able to sell a box of Freddo Chocolates over the school holidays.

Tree Planting at Lake Ranfurly

Last Thursday 6OL represented our school in the community by taking action for World Environment Day. Our students planted 75 trees at Lake Ranfurly to enhance the walk way areas and to prevent people going off the tracks. We planted Maireana pyramidata [Black bluebush, Atriplex lindleyi [Flat-top Saltbush or Lindley's Saltbush ] Atriplex nummularia [Old Man Saltbush] Melaleuca halmaturorum [Blistered Paper-bark] and Sarconoza praeox [Pigface] colour from yellow, orange, red to purple – very suitable for our gardens. 6OL were terrific ambassadors for our school and certainly worked effectively as a team to achieve a fantastic result. Thank you to Nardia Baker MRCC Environmental Sustainability Education Officer for all of the organisation and Mallee Catchment Authority for sponsoring the buses for this program. 

Prep School Nurse Program

The Primary School Nurse offers health checks to all Prep students.

A questionaire about your child’s health, development and wellbeing  was sent home recently.

Please return your completed form to your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

If you require a replacement form, please ask at our office.

The School Nurse will undertake a health assessment and provide you with follow-up information. 

Reporting & Interview Timeline

Due to the very short first term we have moved the Reporting time back a couple of weeks.

Written reports will be sent home week 3 of next term and the interviews will be held the same week.

Please remember that you are receiving ongoing reports each term on COMPASS. It is really important that you read these regular assessments too. 

Wellbeing Corner

Helping Children to cope with fears

Children need adult support in order to learn to cope with fears. They need reassurance to reduce their anxious feelings, and skills for coping so that they can gradually learn to manage fears themselves.


How parents and carers can help

• Acknowledge how your child is feeling. Naming it, (e.g.‘feeling scared’), helps the child begin to see fear as a normal emotion that can be overcome.

• Stay cool yourself so you can model positive coping.

• Tell them how you learned to get over fears when you were their age.

• Positive self-talk can help children put fears into perspective. For example, “The storms on TV are far away from here. My house will be O.K.”

• Asking what a favourite hero might do in this situation can sometimes be helpful for encouraging children to be brave.

• Learning relaxation skills is often very helpful for dealing with fears.

• Help the child put realistic limits around the scary situation. For example, Jessica’s parents could explain that the TV pictures she saw were about something that happens rarely and only when the weather is extreme.

• Since television is a frequent trigger for children’s fears it is important to monitor television viewing to minimise exposure to things that may be frightening. It can also help to discuss scary things at the time they are seen on TV.

Teddy Bears Hospital

Last Thursday the Teddy Bear Hospital came to visit us at school. We brought our teddies and learnt about how doctors can help us.

We did lots of different activities and had fun learning about x-rays, germs, plastering, asthma and operations. We even got to meet Big Ted!

Take a look at the pictuers in the gallery.

C.A.T. online

Another round of CAT reporting went live this week. Our students and teachers having been working extremely hard on their latest assessment task on Compass. 


We recently surveyed parents about their satisfaction about the online reporting and assessment through Compass. Parents on average, indicated an 85% overall satisfaction with the process. So if you haven’t been accessing your child’s learning, log on today to get the latest up to date information about your child.  Thank you so much to the parents who are accessing their child’s work on Compass.


Don’t forget our mobile Compass Apps


New Mobile App Updates for Compass - Making logging in easier!

The Apple mobile phone app has now been updated so YOU CAN VIEW STUDENT WORK! There is also a new Android version of the Compass app available in the Google Play store. If you do have the apps installed, please make sure you have the latest updates.


Compass Support

Need help? We’re here for you! If you need a password reset or have forgotten your details please contact the school and we can provide you with a new log in. Ph: 50231336

Lost Property

A lot of hats, jumpers and drink bottles have made their way to Lost Property.

It is always a good idea to name all personal belongings, that way it can be returned to students.

If you pick up a jumper that is not yours – please return it to the Lost Property box so that the rightful owner can look for it there.

School Uniform

A BIG THANK YOU for ensuring your child is in school uniform. This is an important part of our school and the expectation is that everyone will follow school policy.

The winter months seem to bring out many items that are NOT part of our school uniform. I’ve included the School Policy with this newsletter for your information.

Our school uniform can be purchased from Lowes in the Central Plaza. Anyone who requires assistance to purchase uniform can ask at our office or speak to our Wellbeing Officer, Belinda McShane.



Leggings should be navy blue and worn under skirts / dresses. They are not to be worn as pants. Jumpers should be navy.