Students bring with them a wide range of strengths and needs that impact their learning. At West, we care for the ‘whole child’ because children are better able to learn when they are healthy, safe and happy. We nurture each student’s social and emotional development as well as their academic growth. We know that this is vital if children are to reach their potential. The wellbeing
of each child is enhanced through:
  • The Principal always has her door open for the children to pop in.
  • Positive teacher, student and parent/carer relationships.
  • A sense of ‘community’ in every classroom and throughout the
  • whole school.
  • Clear guidelines and expectations around school discipline.
  • The Friendship Zone, run by the students every lunch time.
  • The Primary Welfare Officer, who provides support and guidance for all students. As well as assisting individual children, she also facilitates small group programs which help students develop their social skills.


The attached document is a list of relevant family services that may be of use to families at anytime.

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