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Student Agency

Welcome to our IB corner, this week I want to explain Student Agency. Have you heard of it, maybe your child has used the words? Read below to help you understand more and the importance of it for students in order to develop into life-long learners.

What is Student Agency?

Effective schools build a culture where students and teachers work together. In essence, Student Agency refers to the level of independence a student has in the classroom. Student Agency and Voice are intrinsically connected. Agency gives the students power to direct their learning and take responsibility for it. Voice allows the student to be heard as an active learner this encourages engagement, participation, leadership and learning.


 -  students question, guide and direct learning

 - students propose and initiate action

 - students participate in decision making


  -  students co-construct learning goals

  - students make informed choices

  - students take risks and take responsibility for their learning


 - teachers offer choice and help develop personalised learning goals

 - students reflect on own learning goals

 - students ideas are supported throughout planning and taking action

Pick Up times – Gentle reminder

As you know, our students in Grade Prep, One & Two finish school at 3.00. Their siblings finish at this time too. There is no need to come onto the school grounds. Please arrange to meet your child at one of the school gates

Communication – Never more important than now!

Despite the pandemic it is so important that we communicate with each other to support our children and their education. Please continue to communicate with the school via: Phone, email, Seesaw, Compass If a face-to face meeting is needed, it must meet the physical distancing requirements of 1.5m between adults. “Whole school communication” will continue to be via Compass & this Newsletter. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

CAT Reporting process update

Mildura West PS use ongoing online reporting through Compass as we
believe this is the most effective way to communicate with you, the academic progress of your child. Unfortunately, this process was disrupted during the ‘Remote Learning’ period but will now be reactivated with new CATs being posted. (See below)
- Maths - Numbers to 20 and beyond - Teacher Comment - Friday - Week 9
- Reading - Thinking about Reading - Student checklist and Teacher Comment - Week 10
Gr 1/2
- Maths - Addition placemat - Teacher comment - Friday Week 10
- Writing - Information report - Teacher comment - Friday Week 11
Gr 3/4
- Writing - Persuasive letter- Friday Week 10 - Comment
Gr 5/6
- Maths - Area and Perimeter - Teacher Comment - Friday week 10
- 3/4 Unit - Friday Week 9 - Colour exploration
- Preps - Friday Week 11 - Pattern/Printmaking
- Grade 1/2 Unit – FMS Kicking Checklist – By the end of Term 2
- Grades 3/4L, 4T & 4L – Programming Project - Week 11
- Grade 1/2 Music - Keeping the beat - Term 3, Week 2

SRC – PJ Day

Our SRC have organised a little celebration for the first day we are all back together.
Everyone is requested to wear their PJs. The kids thought PJs were “symbolic” at this time, as they’ve been living in them !!!
Please read the attached information and thank you to our wonderful student leaders – it’s a GREAT IDEA!