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It’s Assessment & Reporting Time

Please read the document about your child’s mid year report & the Three Way Conference that is included with the newsletter.

As you know, we work together to support your child’s education.

Please jump on Compass and book a time – but if you are unable to do this, then please contact the front office.

SRC Activity Day Term 2


Friday 30th June



Our students have been learning about the Skeletal and Digestive Systems. 

They have asked their own questions and researched the answers. Students have also explored and learnt about how good pairs learn together. This has been another exciting learning experience for our Grade 1/2 students!

Driving Questions:

2. What makes me healthy?

3. How can I learn with a partner?

4. How can I solve a problem when I’m learning?

Now for the fun part!! Our CELEBRATION OF LEARNING!

WHO? Parents / Carers of Grade 1&2 Students.

WHAT? Students will present their new knowledge via a poster or through a program on the iPad.

WHERE? In the gym.

WHEN? Presentations will run from 9.30am—10.30am on Thursday, 15th June.

WHY? This is our PBL Celebration for Term 2!

We really hope you can come along and enjoy the presentations!!

Kind Regards,

Grade 1 & 2 Teachers

Regional Cross Country

On Tuesday 6th June Summer Roberts, Ali Ehsani, Mohammad Ehsani and Gabby Marrone proudly represented Mildura West at the Loddon Mallee Region Cross Country Championships in St. Arnaud. They qualified by finishing in the top ten at the recent Sunraysia Championships. Results for the day were as follows: Summer 24th, Mohammad 34th, Ali 36th and Gabby's result is yet to be confirmed. All four students enjoyed their experience and represented the school with great pride. 

A big thank you to Kiran McDonald and Rosie Marrone for transporting the kids to the event. 

Congratulations Marion Vorwerk – 35 Years of Teaching

On Monday afternoon I had the pleasure of joining Mrs Marion Vorwerk when she received her 35 Years of Service Certificate.

Jeanette Nagorcka (see photo), the Regional Director of the North-Western Victoria Region, presented Marion and several other teachers, with this very prestigious certificate. Mildura West is extremely lucky to have Marion on staff. She is a special teacher who has made a huge impact on hundreds and hundreds of students. Marion’s love for teaching, science and the environment has resulted in many awards and celebrations. We certainly congratulate Marion and wish her all the best, as she continues to teach with passion and commitment.  (Anne Robinson)

Marion's look at 35 years...

What a privilege to be a teacher for 35 years and still thoroughly enjoying my profession! Developing a rapport with all the students I have taught has been at the forefront in my job. My career has taken me across regional Victoria: Castlemaine, Maldon and Ballarat and 12 years in Preston and Broadmeadows.  My roles during this time have been so diverse and the students from many different walks of life. I have had the pleasure of working with numerous colleagues during this time.Teaching students about Sustainability has been a major focus for me. There have been many opportunities in all the schools I have taught in for me to follow this pathway. Mildura West PS winning the Volvo Australian Environmental Award in 2005 for the ‘The Murray River Houseboat Litter Project’ was amazing. This project was literacy based and led me to taking 4 students to Sweden to present this project on an international stage at Gothenberg, Sweden. Coming 4th was a massive achievement, the only primary aged students in the competition! Another highlight was being selected as a key Teacher of Sustainability to be on the front cover of the local 2011/2012 Yellow Pages.  Again this was a resultof all the community based projects our school has been involved in for many years.In 2015 being selected as the Dame Phyllis winner as part of the Keep Victoria Beautiful Awards was such an honour and a tribute again to all the students that I have worked with over 20 years to make a difference to the planet. Our environmental links to our community still continue to this day. Mildura West is a fantastic school. Each year my role embraces new challenges however, there always has to be links to environmental education and science! My greatest passion is still the joy of teaching and working with students and staff.