Latest News Updates

Mildura West presents at the Principal Conference – Melbourne.

This week, Luke Jeffers, Amber Lucey, Joe Cavallo and I presented at the Principal Conference in Melbourne. The conference is an annual event, which is an opportunity where all Principals & their leadership team come together to learn. There were many guest speakers from all over Australia and overseas. Several schools throughout our Region also presented at the conference. This year, our team were invited to present a workshop on our school’s improvement journey. We were very proud to share our school’s Story. There were some fantastic workshops and welearnt lots! We thank Darrel Branson & Libby O’Connor for leading the school while we were away for the 2 days.

Ipad Program

ATTENTION - VERY important news regarding the school  G3-6 IPad program

We are very lucky to have a terrific iPad program at West. However, there are some real issues at present that need urgent attention. If our program is to be successful, all parents and students are requested to fulfil the obligations they agreed to. Some students are missing out on important learning because their iPad is not at school.

Please support your child’s learning:

  • Student iPads need to be bought to school EVERYDAY
  • Student iPads should be fully CHARGED 
  • Student iPads should have sufficient SPACE available for learning
  • Student iPads should not have INAPPROPRIATE  APPS on them
  • All iPads should have a PROTECTIVE COVER
  • The primary use of the device is for STUDENT LEARNING

If you need help managing the iPad with your child we can help with a range of options. Please contact Darrel Branson (ICT Coordinator) for assistance.

Three Way Conference

It’s time for us to come together to talk about your child’s learning - Three Way Conferences

Students, parents/carers and teachers, come together for a Three Way Conference.

Our Three Way Conference process is an important part of your child’s education. It’s really just a conversation between the child, parent/carer and teacher. We think it is important for students to be at the conference because:


  • Children’s education is enhanced when students, parents and teachers work together in a partnership.
  • It’s an opportunity to celebrate the student’s achievements.
  • With the support of the teacher, the student shares his/her learning and sets goals, which is an essential component of life-long learning.
  • The process encourages self-responsibility for the learning.
  • Parents/carers, teachers and students have an open and supportive discussion.

At the conference:

  1. Parent/Carer, student and teacher will look at samples of student learning.
  1. Student and teacher will talk about the learning, sharing progress and future goals.
  1. Parents/carers comment and ask questions.


  1. If you have any questions about this process please do not hesitate to chat to your child’s teacher.
  1. Please read the attached flyer for more information about the process.
  1. To book a time online please see instructions enclosed or phone the office for assistance 

Regional Cross Country

A big congratulations to Summer Roberts (50th), Ali Ehsani (11th) and Kayla Higgins (19th) who represented Mildura West at the Regional Cross Country Championships in St Arnaud on Tuesday. By finishing 11th Ali has now qualified for the State Cross Country Championships to be held in Melbourne. A huge thank you goes to Kiran McDonald for transporting students to the event. Well done!!

IB Corner

Prep P won a prize to work with Mr Branson. We used the exciting programmable Bee-bots for the first time. Mr Branson showed us how to program the little robots to move forward, backwards, left or right. Prep P students were using the Learner Profile, Thinker to solve problems.

“On Wednesday, we used Bee-bots. We had to think about which buttons to press to make them go. We had to do a lot of thinking to make sure the Bee Bot went to where your partner said. We both were really good with the Learner Profile, Thinker”. Ben and Daniel

“Wow! I was really happy when I solved my partner’s problem and made my Bee-bot move to a flower. I was a Thinker because I could solve the problem. It is important to think different things all the time because if you keep asking questions you end up knowing lots and lots of things”. Seth

“I liked the Bee-bots when I played with them, they were a lot of fun. We had to try and make the Bee-bot move to the flower and then Mr Branson asked me to get the Bee-bot to the number 2. I was successful because when I was thinking I decided to count and put my finger on the square and then I pressed the button correctly and solved the problem. I was a fantastic Thinker. I got to the flower a lot of times”. Chloe