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NAPLAN Student Reports

Individual student reports on the NAPLAN tests will be sent home today for students in Grade 3 & 5. These reports give you information on how your child went on the tests of Reading, Persuasive Writing, Language Conventions and Numeracy. They are a snapshot of how your child performed on the day and their level of achievement against national averages. Please speak to your classroom teacher if you have any further questions or would like to discuss their result. 

Reading at home

Is your child reading regularly at home? Did you know that if they do read at home they will have an educational advantage?

Reading with your child can be a very special time – Please support your child’s education and pick up a book!

The benefits of reading regularly for information and most importantly pleasure are well documented. I strongly encourage families to set aside a regular time when the children can read and later share their thoughts and ideas with siblings and or adults in the house.

·  Reading has always been an important skill. In our modern world, it is more important than ever.

·  Children learn about the importance of reading as they watch family members use reading and writing for everyday purposes.

·  Reading with your child at home will help your child in all learning areas of school.

·  Children see you reading and writing in everyday life – reading for pleasure, sharing a story with your child, using a recipe, making a shopping list, writing a birthday card or reading street signs. This teaches them that reading and writing are useful skills in today’s world.

·  Books may be borrowed from your school library or your local library.

·  Read aloud to children. It helps them to learn the language of books and will encourage them to enjoy books and reading.

·  Talk about books, read together and make reading an enjoyable, shared activity.

·  Make sure there is a wide range of reading material for your child at home, both fiction and non-fiction.

·  It is important to read to your child in your home language if your first language is not English. Experience shows that using your home language will help your child to learn to read in English.

·  Try not to let television intrude on reading time. Make a special time for reading with your child, away from interruption.

·  Listen to your child every day, even for a short time.

·  Give books as treats and presents.

Parent Opinion Survey

Many parents/carers were randomly selected to complete a survey.

A letter was sent home last week with the details.

A gentle reminder phone call will be made next week just in case you have forgotten to complete the survey.

Rubbish Free

Last Term we had an average of 82 people rubbish free every day. Congratulations to Haidee Turner –Talent, the winner of the $5:00 canteen voucher for being rubbish free every day.

For Term 2 our winning rubbish free class had an average of 12 people rubbish free on Wednesdays.  Congratulations Prep/1B!

Athletics Day

Tomorrow is our Athletics day. This is always a super day. We would love to see as many parents/carers as possible supporting and cheering on our students.

If you are able to volunteer your time to help with the Athletics day BBQ please see Renae in the canteen.

Thank you to the Higgins Family for the generous donation of Oranges for our students to enjoy tomorrow!!