Grade 5 Unit of Enquiry excursion

Last week we went on an excursion around the Mildura CBD. We were on a quest to learn more about migration. We were wondering what impact migration has had on Mildura. We discovered that our lives have changed as a result of migration in Mildura. For example, we wouldn’t have pizza shops, Mexican food, massage and beauty shops or probably even toy and tech shops without migration to Australia. We get to cook with so many delicious ingredients because migrants have brought their new foods with them to Mildura. By Ruby , Georgie and Zariah.

‘People’s lives may change as a result of Migration’ U.O.I Paymana and Janeti were our guests and they talked about their migration to Australia.

“I thought their experience throughout their life was amazing. I loved all the countries they went to”. William Poulton

“It was great how the girls told us their story of migration to Australia.” Molly Hannigan

“I liked how interesting their stories were. How they arrived in Australia was very good.” Rainez Darragh

Paymana talked to us about her migration to Australia.

“I think that all the children got to know a little bit more about me and my migration to Australia.

I hope they understood that it was a difficult time for me when we migrated to Australia.

I didn’t know any English at all.” Paymana Poya