CATS- New reports going up

CATS- New reports going up  
Below are the next lot of CATS going live. Log on, chat to your child about their learning and don’t be afraid to leave a comment. You can leave a message of support for your child, ask the teacher a question or give us your feedback. 
Prep - Writing – Description (Online Friday) 
Gr 1/2 - Writing- Narrative (Online – Monday Week 9) 
Gr 3/4 - Reading (Online – Monday Week 9) 
Gr 5/6 - Writing (Online- Friday) 
Compass Support If you need help please call! A password reset is easy! If you would like further assistance please make a time to meet with Darrel Branson or Luke Jeffers. We will also have a Compass Support desk at each Friday assembly from now, so pop on over and say hi to Janine. We are here to help!