Regulating the Murray River: a discussion!

The Murray River is regulated to support many different societies, industries,aquatic creatures and vegetation. The river has dams, locks,weirs,regulator,carp screens,barrages and fish ladders. All of these are part of regulating the river. There are many different points of view about this issue.

Before the locks and weirs were put in back in 1922, the river would only have water for half a year because it would flow back to the sea. This meant that paddle steamers could not get supplies to people who needed them.

Regulation includes having regulators to store and control the movement of water. Dams are used to store vast quantities of water. Some dams are quite big like the Hume and Hovell dams. Dams are helpful because they provide water for many communities.

Regulating the Murray is good because it allows houseboats to bring tourism to the area. A regulated river also allows locals to experience the Murray River. Regulating the river is a good thing because it provides recreation and habitats for native creatures.