5P Amazing Trip

All we need to disperse seeds is shovels,rakes,gloves,buckets and seeds> You start of with a bucket and go and find an area with really nice dirt and you put a little bit in a bucket and add seeds. You can add as many as you want then grab some gloves and a rake go find a bald patch and rake backwards and forwards then stop. Then bend down low and sprinkle the seeds over the ground and then rake over it again. Then hopoefully it will rain and the seeds will germinate!


Breaking down the jump


With shovels and rakes attacking the jump we began breaking it down. The problem with the jump being there was that it was an inviting place for bike riders. When the bike riders went over the jump they were landing and killing some very special native vegetation. By the end of the trip the jump was no longer a jump it was a log in the middle of the track. We also sprinkled some seeds by raking the ground then spreading seeds and then raked the ground again. It was a great experience and I’m sure we all had fun.



5P amazing excursion to Ranfurly

Digging everywhere, helping Australia, using  rakes, shovels, gloves, and lots  more. We also had to get a bucket and  get some dirt and put seeds with the dirt then rake the ground placing the seeds all through the dirt. We also found amazing things like a phone, coins,  jewellery boxes and way more.


The Amazing seed planting that will be trees!

It was an awesome experience and it was fun because it was outside. It was like a little journey and we explored around the environment and we had lots of fun while doing it.

We hope the seeds we planted will survive!


Give me a Green Thumb!

Last Thursday my class 5P and I went to lake Ranfurly to plant some seeds.  I thought it was easy because when I plant seeds at my house I just bury the seeds in the dirt, give it some water and then the next day it start to grow! But it’s actually harder than I thought! My group worked very well together!


The life of the Enviro leaders

On Thursday 31st August we went Lake Ranfurly to plant some seeds like gum trees and many more. We revegetated the area.


The awesome 5P planting trees.

My class and I went to Lake Ranfurly and we planted seeds. Crystal, Taleyah and I found lots of things that could have been recyled or shpould have been put in the rubbish bin.


Save the Environment

We need to save the environment.

Keep plastic bags away from our animals and our dirty water away from plants. We need to start helping things like animals and plants, the earth and us humans too.

Not just animals but us. We need to have some responsibilities around our world,where we live or health won’t stay for long. WE NEED TO HELP ANY WAY WE CAN SO GET UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!


Illegal fires

The other day I was riding my quad bike and I saw some people digging a hole and putting rubbish in there so I stopped riding and hid and then they lit an illegal fire. So I took a video and went over and asked what they were doing and he said “Run!” to his friend and I reported them to police.


Lake Ranfurly and seed dispersal

DSC06521 DSC06522 DSC06534 DSC06544 DSC06549 DSC065595P capably re-vegetated Lake Ranfurly. There has been so much off track driving and therefore it was easy to find places to re-vegetate using seed dispersal.


Planting trees so the world looks better!

DSC06184Our experience of planting trees and helping the environment at Johnson’s Bend and The Ski Club was fantastic. When we arrived we got told how to plant the trees and got on our gloves so our hands didn’t get dirty and our nails didn’t break the roots.


Keeping Green!

DSC06190At the Mildura Ski Club we planted over 130 trees. We had a 95 percent survival rate. We made a really significant difference in the environment. My favourite part was learning what all the different trees were.


Fun at the Ski Club

People think trees don’t do anything but they do. Trees give you oxygen to breathe. The Ski Club was fun because we made the area look better and we got to plant over 100 trees. It was also really fun because we got to have partners and work together and have a go.



Litter belongs in the bin!

I was inspired to write this after I planned my Water Week Poster. Litter is something that everyone needs to take responsibility of. Animal’s habitats are being damaged by the amount of litter. The message that I want to get across is that litter causes many problems and its up to you to stop littering.



5OH Tree Planting

l planted 12 trees with my friend James. The class planted 260 at 2 places: Johnson’s Bend and the Mildura Ski Club!