Why I think there should be no rubbish at Lake Ranfurly!!!!

DSC07047I think rubbish should not be littered anywhere around Sunraysia area, because it is bad for all our wildlife and it is also dangerous to people who go out to a picnic. If they find syringes and if they have a child with them it could kill them.

These are true stories that I have heard…
1. Tom and his family went out to Lake Ranfurly for the day and found all sorts of things like rubbish, syringes, dead animals and other things. So then Tom’s Dad went home to get a trailer and they filled it up to the very top and then took it to the landfill for free.
2. A mum takes her child on a walk around Lake Ranfurly and she did not notice any of the syringes around and let go of her son’s hand and sat down on a seat and then tied a harness around her son  so he would not go far but he found a syringe and poked himself with it and passed out.
3. A family’s dog died and they were moving in two weeks so they were bad and put it down then put it in a cardboard box and took it to Lake Ranfurly. Then all the feral dogs and cats got it and tore it to bits so it wasn’t nice when a group of kids went on a class trip and found it and they were told someone would come and get it.
So that’s why I think there should be no rubbish around Lake Ranfurly because then people have to go and clean up after others and find stuff that you have dumped and driven off.

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