Keep Victoria Beautiful

IMG_4726IMG_4728After the Judge was welcomed we tried to persuade the Judge that we are environmentally friendly. I let the Judge know we have Rubbish Free Wednesdays every week and every class has a folder with their class on it. Before school the Environmental Leaders pick up their folder and then take it to their class and collect the data.

These are the questions:

  • Who is rubbish free for snack?
  • Who is rubbish free for lunch?
  • Who is rubbish free for snack and lunch?
  • Who is rubbish free every day?
  • How many people in the class today?

After the folders are returned with the data my job is to calculate the percentages to see who wins the rubbish free trophy for the week!

The winner is announced at the Assembly on Friday mornings.

The Judge was very impressed!

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