Welcome to the MWPS RUBBISH FREE TROPHY 2012

I will explain Rubbish Free Wednesdays and how this links to our effort to reduce litter. 

At MWPS, every Wednesday is rubbish free day. This means that students are encouraged to bring a rubbish free lunch and snack. Rubbish free means no plastic wrapping or foil on sandwiches, no food packaged in plastic containers or food wrapped in soft plastics.

 We have rubbish free because it encourages kids not to bring rubbish to school because if they do some kids just leave the rubbish on the ground so we are trying to get kids not to bring any more rubbish to school.

To collect the data a class is picked to go around and collect the data from every class. The class that is picked is split up into groups of two and every group has classes that they are supposed to collect the data from. They get folders with classes names on the front of them and in the folder there are questions like “Who is rubbish free for snack?” or “who is rubbish free every day?”

We work out who wins by percentage so when we go around to each class we ask how many people are here on the day and how many people are rubbish free on that day. When all the data is collected all the folders go into a box and are sent to Mrs Vorwerk who works out who wins with a small team of students. The data is put in an MS Excel document and we can use this in Maths to show graphs.

We have a rubbish free trophy. At the end of every year we are asked to send in our ideas for the new trophy. This year’s trophy is very symbolic: made out of containers, little rubbish bins and many more rubbish free things. By having a trophy it encourages kids to be rubbish free all the time because whichever class has the highest percentage wins the trophy.

Lachlan presenting why we should be rubbish free as much as possible!

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