Rubbish Free Wednesdays: Lunch and Snack Results 29th February 2012 : Lachlan, Hollie, Ebonee and Paige

Congratulations 4W!

We have Rubbish Free Wednesdays to reduce our waste to the landfill and then it costs our school less. What rubbish free means: re-use containers for sandwiches and snacks, put your fruit and food scraps into the yellow bucket for the worm farm and recycle any containers such as fruit boxes, yoghurt containers and anything made from hard plastic.
‘Not Rubbish Free’ is soft plastic such as cling wrap, chip packets or bar wrappers.

These are the results for Rubbish Free Wednesday last week :
140 people had a rubbish free snack and 156 had a rubbish free lunch. Our scores should improve this week as the Preps will be at school on Wednesdays from now on. There were a total of 129 people rubbish free for both snack and lunch. A total of 61 people had a rubbish free snack and lunch every day. In 4th place with 41% was 3/4H Mr. Hall’s class. Equal third place with 50% was awarded to 1/2T, Mrs. Thompson’s class and 4T, Miss Turner’s class. We had equal second place with 55% and these classes were 2M, Ms. Murray and 1A Ms Attwell’s class.
Our first winner for 2012 with 58% of people rubbish free in their class for both snack and lunch was 4W, Mrs. Windmill’s class! Congratulations 4W!

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