Congratualtions to the 2011 River Health Team

Sunday 23rd October arrived and we were all packed ready to head off to Adelaide for the International Kids Teaching Kids Conference. We travelled by bus with a team of students from Irymple Secondary College and Sacred Heart so we got to meet new people from our area.
Our Mildura West workshop was called: ‘We can’t afford to live without them!’ It was about the issue of urbanisation and the problem that can be caused to the environment. So we were showing how important the wetlands are in any community in our presentation as the wetlands after all are the kidneys of the river! Our play used personification, analogy and puns to get our message across. We demonstrated this through role play to explain the issue and then divided the room into groups for the workshop so we could involve everyone in issues that affected many stakeholders. In the end, we concluded that, we really can’t afford to live without them after all! Wetlands of course!
There were many environmental messages from students all around Australia and the world. It was wonderful to hear their views as well and we all seem to have similar issues to deal with. The workshops were all very interesting teaching us a lot about other areas and their issues. The Environmental Day, where were all split into different groups, gave us many different activities to learn about and at the same time make a difference to help the environment.
Some actions that we could take to prevent climate change are: washing cars and dogs on the lawn, take shorter showers, make sure taps are turned off properly, ride or walk to school, use energy efficient globes and definitely encourage friends and family to do the same.
An important message that we took away from the Conference was, ‘Just because we’re kids, doesn’t mean we don’t have a voice’ and we hope that others will take away the same message.
We would like to acknowledge the wonderful sponsorship by Mallee Catchment Authority for the bus so we could all travel together. It was an opportunity of a lifetime, and we are all grateful that we had the chance to attend.
Kyle, Georgia, Will, Mitch U, Mitch B, Maddy, Leah, Lachlan, Annabel, Olivia, Tyson, Alex and Jeremy, Mildura West Primary School Team.

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