Isabel's interpretation of the 2011 Rubbish Free Trophy

Skye's design for the Rubbish Free Trophy 2011

Zac's interpretation for the Rubbish Free Trophy 2011

Maya's idea for 2011 Rubbish Free Trophy

You have a chance to design the Rubbish Free Trophy for 2011. Label everything you use in your design and explain what the meaning is behind the material used. Hand in your completed design at the Library by Thursday 16th December.Here is the meaning of the trophy we had this year to help you with your new ideas.

  • There are many sections to the trophy that mean different things. We sent our milk bottles to Integrated Plastics and the legs, the arms and the neck are made out of recycled milk bottles. This helps us to remember to recycle as much of our waste as we can.
  • The nesting box which was made by the 2009 Enviro Team shows that we must keep all of our waste out of animals’ homes or habitats.
  • The eyes are water drops donated by Mallee Catchment to help us remember to keep all the waste out of our waterways such as the Murray River. The eyes also remind us to keep the sinks clear of waste in our school ground.
  • The red bucket shows us that we only put things like tissues and pencil shavings in this bin as we are trying to reduce our rubbish to the landfill.
  • The fly swats on the arms show we have to keep all of our waste disposed of properly so we don’t have any flies.
  • The mouth is a sandwich container that we were given at the ResourceSmart ceremony in Melbourne in 2009. This reminds us if we use an airtight container we do not have to use any soft plastic such as gladwrap.
  • The shoes show us we can all use reusable containers.
  • We have some extra features: a hat to show we are a SunSmart school and the gold and brown paint to show our Mildura West colours.

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