Kids Teaching Kids Conference

Making bird boxes at Albury for the Wonga Wetlands

On the 15th of August twelve year six students went to the Albury Kids Teaching Kids Conference. We presented a workshop called Ghastly Guests. It was about blue green algae being on trial for wilful damage to the mighty murray river. We all had lots of fun preparing it and of course presenting it as well. That Monday night we went down to the Albury Entertainment Centre for a fashionable Gala Dinner there was lots of entertainment and fun things to do. On the 17th we went to the Wonga Wetlands for the morning and half of the afternoon. We did at least four activities involving the environment some of the activities were a recycling relay, building bird houses and learning about different sort of soils and comparing them to each other. After the official closing of the Conference we started our 7 hour journey back to Mildura; we got back at about 9:00 that night. We all had a great time 

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  1. Matt says:

    I like the analogy of the water pollutants and ghastly guests. That really makes people think.

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