Albury Kids Teaching Kids Conference 2010

On Sunday 15-17th August Kelsey, Sophie, Catherine, Bree, Georgia, Cameron, Billy, Josh, Connor and I went to the Albury Kids Teaching Kid’s Conference.

We made a presentation called ‘Ghastly Guests’ about all the pollutants that go into the river causing harm. We also made a workshop that all the kids can work on from what we said in our play. We stayed at a fancy hotel called Quest Albury. There were three rooms I stayed with Mrs. Vorwerk and Bree. Mallee Catchment were very kind to sponsor us for the bus to travel to Albury. 

At the Conference, I went to a workshop named Charlie Carp it was about all the introduced species fighting against the native species. Of course the native species won the Dance-off.

On the activity day we set off to Wonga Wetlands. It was a beautiful day except that it rained and the ground was all squelchy and slippery. I went to a rubbish relay and we had to run around putting rubbish in the right bins.

I really enjoyed the Conference it was a great experience for me and I will never forget it. Hopefully when I go to High School they will have loads of activities like this.

Did you know dog's business is a water pollutant? There is a clear message to ALWAYS clean up after your dog!

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  1. Sherryn says:

    I wonder how many people care if their dog does it’s business and even realise their dog’s poop ends up in the river providing nutrients for blue green alge to grow.

    Debbie…Has anyone put a brochure together to explain this to dog lovers?

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