The 2010 Albury Kids Teaching Kids Conference

Are fertilisers water pollutants?

On Sunday the 15th August at 8:00 am, our 27 seater mini-bus left Mildura on a 7 hour journey to Albury, NSW.  We shared the bus with Irymple Secondary College.

On Monday morning, we left the Quest Apartments to walk to the Albury Entertainment Centre where we would perform our workshop and watch others perform theirs. After breakfast, there was an hour of introductory speeches and then a performance from Diamond Creek Primary School, followed by an expert panel disscussion. The expert panel gave us lots of interesting answers and the schools asked a lot of interesting questions. Then we had lunch.

After lunch we watched Irymple Secondary College’s performance about invasive introduced species. They conveyed a clear message “The Only Good Carp Is Dead Carp.”

Then there was Ballarat Christian College. They gave an interesting presentation about their local creek and how they look after it. It was a very interesting workshop and I say well done to them for taking that responsibility.

Our workshop went quite smoothly, I enjoyed asking questions and seeing all the different points of veiw other students have.

Going to Albury was a great experience and I would like to thank the organisers and Mrs. Vorwerk.

2 Responses to The 2010 Albury Kids Teaching Kids Conference

  1. Martha says:

    When there is an expert panel do they give you lots of hints so that everyone can go away from a conference and actually do the actions and not just talk about them?

  2. Bree says:

    I think that is the main idea. We did find out a lot about what other students from other schools do and we are already putting these ideas into action.

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