This year 5/6D organised the Rubbish Free Challenge collecting data from all the classes on Wednesdays.

3/4C helped 5/6D during terms 1 and 2. The data was then collated by 5/6D so the information could be graphed in MS Excel. Every week a group of students reported the results at the School Assembly.

1/2C were the 2009 champions, for the majority of Term 3 and all of Term 4, this class had 100% students rubbish free.  To acknowledge their efforts 5/6D presented a book to every child about an Australian Animal.

5/6D entered Mildura West in the Rubbish Free Challenge State Competition with all students writing an explanation about the wsay Rubbish Free Wednesdays work in our school. Congratulations 5/6D for helping our school win the State Challenge 2009.

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