Rubbish Free Challenge and ResourceSmart Awards 2009

We were very lucky to be sponsored  to attend the ResourceSmart Ceremony in Melbourne. My letter also thanks the people that gave us the prize money. 

Mildura West Primary School

Ninth St.,

Mildura  3500

Date: 30th November 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for sponsoring us to go to the Rubbish Free Challenge/ResourceSmart Award Ceremony in Melbourne. Without your generous donation to cover the cost of the plane we would not have been able to attend.

I was excited to attend the function because I have not been in a plane for a long time and having so much fun looking out the window at the paddocks and people. It was also fun for me go up on stage and have a quiz. My favourite part of the function was when we got to go up on stage and accept the awards.

I learnt that everyone can help climate change but not everyone can do big things like solar panels or wind turbines but as kids we can think about this.

Some of the actions I will take to prevent climate change are: Take shorter showers, not leave the tap on while I am brushing my teeth 

One of the schools did a quiz and the first question was: “Do you scrunch or fold?” and it meant that if you scrunch you use more paper which means more trees getting cut down. 

 Some of the highlights for me were: The game show, where I got to go on stage with the Minister for Climate Change and the Environment – Minister Jennings (we came a draw with the other team). I got to press the buzzer which was a bike horn. The quiz was a lot of fun. Winning the awards was also one of my highlights. Thank you for the prize money. We have so many kids with so many ideas that we will be able to vote on the best ideas next year and make them happen.

Thank you once again for your kind sponsorship and the prize money. For me it was the opportunity of a life time.

Yours sincerely,


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