Regulating the Murray River

The Murray River needs to be regulated to support many different societies, industries, aquatic creatures and vegetation. Regulating the river means that it has dams, locks, weirs, regulators, carp screens, barrages, and fish ladders. There are many different points of view about this issue. My view is that it is a good idea.

 One of the good things about regulation  is that we can have water all year round. But we still need to watch how much water we use because if we use too much, all the water that we have stored can run out, then we would be very smelly with no water for baths or showers!

 Another thing that is good is houseboats are able to bring tourism to the area. Hotels will be packed and the employees can get a bigger pay on their pay day. It is a good thing all round.

 Dams, locks and weirs control the flooding by controlling the flow. This is a good thing because people who are in flood zones are not constantly in flood. Also, farmers are able to have water to irrigtate.

A bad thing about regulating the Murray is that plants and weeds such as willows are able to grow and trap the fish. Also, if a boat gets too close, the boat’s motor can get caught and it might get severely damaged. If it does, then the petrol will leak out and damage the river and kill the fish and other aquatic life.

Regulating the river has many advantages.

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