Regulating the Murray – a topic to discuss!

The Murray River needs to be regulated to support many different people in industries, all the aquatic creatures and the vegetation near the river.

Regulating the Murray  River means that it has dams,locks, weirs, regulators, carp screens, barrages and fish ladders – all man made to help control the river. There are lots of views about this issue.

The river being regulated is a good idea because in the past it has given paddlesteamers a good reliable route so they could deliver all the supplies to the people living along the river. It helps the paddlesteamers today as they take tourists for scenic tours.

The river being regulated is also a good idea because the fish ladders keep the native fish migrating and the carp can’t kill or eat lots of the native fish.

In addition to that regulating the river helps us in a drought because it helps to control the movement of the water. On the other hand it helps introduced pest plants and animals from other countries  survive with lots of water. It has been found that exotic plants or weeds such as willows can grow quicker and can cause erosion on the banks. This is not an advantage!

The river being regulated is a good and sometimes a bad thing in many ways. However this issue of regulating the Murray whether we should or shouldn’t gives us all something to think about!

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