Dog poop and littering

I know that dog poop isn’t a nice subject to talk about but it’s something that we need to open our eyes to. Dog poop can effect the environment in many ways that rubbish can. That’s why we need to stop it just like we try to stop littering. You see rubbish and dog poop are just the same thing. They both contain germs and harm the environment. Just one comes from a dog’s behind.Air Sealed Tent

We have supported not littering, so we should support getting rid of dog poop. To help us clean up our dog’s poop the Mildura Rural City Council will soon be releasing dog poop bags along withl a little case to put your own plastic bags in.

Please give me your view on this matter.

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  1. HannahS says:

    Hey Lib
    Thanks for teaching me about dog poop and that it can hurt the environment.

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