Three things you can do to help the environment.

Libby welcomes you to her environmental advice.
S-We are here to talk to you about how to clean up your dog’s poop.

L- Let’s call it dog doo. It is easy. All you need is a plastic bag, bread bag or something like that. This is how you do it.

S- Step No.1– Put your hand into your plastic bag or other bag and put it over the dog poop.

Step No.2 – Pick up in bag and then flip the bag.

Step No.3. Spin the bag and throw it in a bin.

L- It is as easy as that. It is an easy way to do your part to help the environment… Which brings us to our next subject how rubbish affects the environment.

S- Well rubbish pollutes the environment. This means we aren’t allowing nature to grow and look nice.

L- Yes. Also it makes Mildura look like a dirty place. Not worthy of respect. We don’t want that! We want our visitors to think that Mildura is beautiful place that it is a lovely holiday destination so they will come again.

S- It also shows pride in the town and the people who live here. So if you see any rubbish pick it up and do your part to help Mildura look like a beautiful place.

L- Totally… and it helps the environment grow. While we are on the subject of plants you know you can make recyclable pots?

S- No but I know that normal plastic pots can harm a plant when it is taken out.

L- So if you’re a person who likes to grow their plants before you plant them or just like recycling this is for you.

S- So we will need a few plastic pots, right?

L- Yes you will need to shred, cut or tear newspaper or office paper. Leave it in water overnight so it turns into pulp or damp newspaper.

S- Then you would get out the pots and start work. First you need to get a handful of pulp and put it on the bottom of the pot. Then pat for around a minute so it starts to get in shape and gets rid of excess water.

L- Once you have done that you do the same but twist it around the pot. When it is done make sure it has no gaps otherwise it may not work.

S- If you leave a pot outside which we recommend to do, leave it till it dries which
will be 2-4 days in the sun. If you leave it inside it can take around 2 weeks+.

L- Once it is dry, remove the plastic pot that is the mould, put some soil in it and plant a seed. Water according to instructions and leave it in shade or sun depending on what plant it is.

S- Once it has grown you just plant it in the ground. You don’t have to take it out
like plastic pots so the plant isn’t damaged or harmed.

L- Just remember don’t make the recyclable pot too thick. Following these 3 things means you can do your part to help the environment.

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  1. Josh says:

    Well done Libby if I didn’t know what to do with dog poop I would certainly know now because you even explained how to pick it up. Well done again!

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