Off to Johnson’s Bend to re-vegetate!

5OH Team Re-vegetation Team

James: Recent flooding to this area at Johnson’s Bend had wiped out all the vegetation that our school had previously planted. We planted 130 trees here.

Miriam: Off road driving was happening – this is where people just drive anywhere and crush any native plant life that is growing.

Summer: Installing the bollards close together has stopped at least one entry point for cars. The soil was compacted in certain areas and hard to plant caused by off track vehicles

Heidi: We have made this area more attractive for people to visit. MRCC Tina Grasser looks after the trees and makes sure they are watered to improve their survival rate.DSC06222 DSC06223 DSC06225 DSC06229 DSC06230 DSC06236 DSC06242 DSC06244 DSC06256



I am  going to tell you about  Johnson’s Bend. I saw a lot of illegal dumping in the animal’s habitat and I even saw toliet paper on the tree. I found lots of evidence in the area, a nappy, lolly papers, green waste and even furniture!

Can people who litter  learn not drop and dump llilegally?   I was outraged by it when I saw the illegal rubbish because it looks horrible. This is outraging lots of people who care about Johnson’s Bend!


Enviro Art Day with Steve Hederics at Johnson’s Bend

On Thursday last week the Enviro Team and Art Extension Team were taught some fantastic strategies with charcoal and paint at Johnson’s Bend. Steve Hederics, local artist showed the children how to use tone when sketching with charcoal. Each student drew a landscape including trees and the river.

I learnt that you don’t always have to start by drawing the main tree. We started by shading the entire piece of paper, then used a kneadable eraser to rub out ‘windows’. I found it hard when we were doing the river drawing because the reflections had to be the same on each side. It was really hard to draw.

We created a painting using small branches with leaves. We learnt that you don’t have to use paintbrushes all the time. The technique we used was to dip the branches in the paint and spatter it on the paper. We started with one colour, then layered the different colours. Something tricky was that some of the branches didn’t leave a good pattern. We also needed to know when to stop painting so it still looked good.

Learning new techniques at Johnson's Bend

Learning new techniques at Johnson’s Bend

Getting ready for our environmental art session with Steve Hederics

Getting ready for our environmental art session with Steve Hederics

Mrs. Saunders siad, 'Oh no we have left the brushes behind!'

Mrs. Saunders said, ‘Oh no we have left the brushes behind!’ With Steve we used ‘natural’ brushes to create our masterpieces!

A big thank you to Steve, Mrs. Vorwerk, Mrs. Saunders, Natalie, Lindi and Kylie for helping us on the day.


Introduced plants and animals… not good for Johnson’s Bend!

I am going to share some issues about Johnson’s Bend!

One of the biggest problems at Johnson’s Bend is the introduced plants and animals, all they do is wreck the land!

“OH Kelsey watch out there’s a rabbit hole!!” Everywhere at Johnson’s Bend you have to watch your step because if you don’t you will end up in a rabbint hole like Kelsey nearly did and that’s why we need to fix this problem!

Another problem is all the introduced weeds and plants, they all dry up and the seeds spread by people getting them stuck on their socks and on their clothes. People transport seeds just like animals especially dogs as the seeds can get stuck in their fur!


Audit at Johnson’s Bend

Johnson's Bend checking how we can improve the area.

Johnson’s Bend checking how we can improve the area.

Rabbit burrows - rabbit are causing a lot of destruction

Rabbit burrows – rabbits are causing a lot of destruction

5C at Johnson's Bend Sandbar exploring the area!

5C at Johnson’s Bend Sandbar exploring the area!

Thank you 5C for your ideas and information so that we can make Johnson’s Bend a better place to visit.

Last year Ebonee wrote in August 2012…

My issue to think about! The trees that we planted are flooded. Next time we need to plant them higher up on the bank so their roots do not ‘drown’. We also need to have a stake with a pointier end so we can get this down deeper to hold the tree up if there is another flood.

5C 2013 have lots of issues to read about! They have some solutions to the problems too. Add your ideas as well!



Tyre tracks destroying habitats and makes Jonhson`s Bend bad!

When  our class went to Jonhson`s Bend there was a lot of tyre tracks around trees and bushes.It destroys habitat and has no where for the animals to live.

Animals will die because of being squashed by cars.The only animals that will survive are birds because they fly and live in trees.

I think we can solve this by putting in more bollards and blocking off areas so all the animals can live and have a great life. So please don’t destroy the habitats of living creatures.


Litter at Johnson’s Bend

At Johnson’s Bend the place has a ltter problem. I mean there was a used TYRE behind the pharagmites not only that there was a bag of drinks and it was all dirty.

Not just that, someone toilet papered a TREE! What did the tree do to those people? Not only that they also are dropping pieces of streamers on the ground!

This is an OUTRAGE! I mean people just keep on littering. When are they going to learn! DO NOT LITTER!

I think a way to stop litterin is to have all schools to clean up the areas like Johnson’s Bend and other places with litter problems. (also high school student’s have to help clean as well). Not only that I also think that Keep Australia Clean Up Day should happen 2 to 4 times a year.


Johnson’s Bend by Jamaya


Too wet to go to Johnson’s Bend then we went the next week

The road to Johnson’s Bend was too wet for the bus to safely take us. So we postponed the trip!

When we went we saw many things that humans had done to show they were not looking after the area. We are going to brainstorM some ideas so we can improve the area.


You Take Out What You Bring In!

Superanse shows human impact on Johnson’s Bend  and what can be done to improve the area.


Putting milk bottles to good use at Johnson’s Bend!

At Mildura West we save milk bottles for our Milk Bottle to Furniture Project. Melissa’s PowerPoint shows how we recycle the milk bottles for a range of useful furniture.


Tania’s PowerPoint: What you bring in, take out!

Tania shows us that humans need to think about their actions!


Too wet to go to Johnson’s Bend. The second time we cleaned up!

It was too wet the first time we were going to Johnson’s Bend. The second time we went we collected lots of rubbish to clean up Chaffey Bend and Johnson’s Bend. People just throw their rubbish everywhere! They need to stop doing this!


Clean Up Day

Today is Mildura s Clean Up Day at our school. We had to cancel because Johnson’s Bend was flooded! We will now organise another place to go.
This is a week later. We went to another part of the river not far from Johnson’s Bend and we cleaned up heaps of rubbish. It was good to help out!


Good and Bad things can happen in the one place

There are many GOOD things happening at Johnson’s Bend.
There is native wildlife however the rabbits aren’t so good!
There are lots of native plants.
The bollards are protecting the paths so that people do not just drive anywhere.

Some of the BAD things include:
Plants being deliberately pulled out
Bollards that our school has put in, being knocked out of the ground
Dog poop not being picked up. It is not the dog’s fault. The owner needs to take more care of the dog.

We would like people to be more responsible and take more care of public places.