Off to Lake Ranfurly to make a difference!

Thank you 4/5K for making Lake Ranfurly a much more attractive place to visit after you have taken away all the rubbish! DSC07039DSC07024 DSC07041 DSC07042DSC07028DSC07030DSC07034


How putting one piece of rubbish in the bin could save a life!

Littering is a problem that should be stopped because it is harming the environment and it must be stopped. Some of my class mates went down to lake Ranfurly and there was a bunch of rubbish from knickers to syringes. Littering kills animals because they can choke on some plastic and do you really want to know you killed an animal? You can get fines for littering and littering is basically people being lazy and not walking the extra couple of metres to a bin. So if you litter just remember if you litter you’re risking a fine and a life!


A big surprise at Lake Ranfurly

We need to keep our environment clean or the world will be polluted. At Lake Ranfurly it is terrible. There are plastic bags, cardboard boxes, syringes and more. When I went there, there were even picnic baskets! I hope you have changed your mind about littering. Think before you drop!


Lake Ranfurly

We should keep the environment clean because litter can harm the animals and people. It can make the water dirty and kill animals around it. Birds are also affected by litter. Take your litter home when you go to a public place!


A great surprise at Lake Ranfurly!

Today at Lake Ranfurly and we found rubbish everywhere. It was horrible.

If you’re reading this you should all be recycling all the time and make sure you put your rubish in the right bins not near a lake!

I also found a can that looked very old and could have been recycled instead of leaving it in the bush!


You will never guess what we found at Lake Ranfurly!

You will never believe what we found at Lake Ranfurly. We found a picnic basket, nappy and a whole heap of syringes. These are all from litter bugs. So please DO NOT LITTER??. We were told all about how to not litter and to be a good person so DO NOT LITTER.DSC07029


Save our environment!

I strongly believe that you should not litter because it is bad for the animals and their health. We need to stop littering because it’s just  bad! When I went to Lake Ranfurly we had to pick up some peoples’ rubbish, it was disgusting, so pick up your rubbish . We wore gloves and used tongs, only the adults could pick up glass! So help the environment. Thank you for listening, I hope  that this has convinced you not to litter.



WE NEED TO STOP LITTERING RIGHT NOW, it is killing our environment. When we went to Lake Ranfurly we found 5 syringes some were full and had no cap which is VERY dangerous for the people who go to Lake Ranfurly might get hurt and that is not good for us. People need to be more responsible getting rid of their rubbish. Thank you for listening


Help the environment!

I think that we shouldn’t litter because it is harmful to the animals and the environment. If a family goes somewhere and they are  enjoying the view they don’t want to be looking at litter!


Visit to Landfill and Around Again

We visited Around Again and found out that Mildura does so much recycling compared to other places. There are so many different things that can be recycled at the Landfill: mattresses, batteries for cars, all small batteries for, polystyrene foam, plastic bags and so much more. Our class learnt heaps!



Learning how to increase the life of the Landfill!

DSC05694Year 4/5K were given some great tips on how they can increase the life of the landfill by doing heaps of recycling. They were also given some advice about tying the tops of the plastic bags we put in our rubbish bins for kerbside collection. Thank you for being such a respectful team, a pleasure to take you all out as ambassadors for Mildura West!

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Carcinogenic and Fluorescent tubes

Last week when we went to the Mildura Landfill in Aroundagain they showed us that they recycle Fluoro tubes because in them they have a dangerous powder called a carcinogenic. This powder may have a risk of giving you all types of cancer. It’s very dangerous so it has to be treated carefully.

Here are some tips to be cautious if you have broken a Fluro tube: always wrap the pieces in newspaper, put them in a plastic bag and tie then top then put it in the rubbish bin, NOT the recycling bin.

Here are the steps you have to follow if a fluorescent light bulb breaks in your home:

Close the door to the room
Put on a pair of gloves
Pick up the pieces and put them in a plastic bag
Pick up the remaining pieces with index cards
Use sticky tape to pick up any remaining small shards
Use a flashlight to check for remaining pieces/mercury
Pat the area with damp paper towels
Get all traces of the tube out of the house immediately
Wash your hands and face
Ventilate the room for several hours






There are lots of things to learn about batteries and paint tubs and what chemicals are inside them.

The thing I liked was the car station where people backed in and unloaded their rubbish.

It’s a great place to visit any day!


What happened at Rio Vista on Thursday 28th Feb?

Picking up rubbish featured at Rio Vista Park by all 5L. There were many unusual items that our class found. We searched in bushes and collected many items. I really think we made a big difference to the environment.


Litter Control Student Action Team 2011

Thank you to the students of 5/6D that were happy to have our group of pre-service teachers from Latrobe University along with you while you undertook such an important role in the ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ activities at Rio Vista Park. It was fantastic to see you all willing to get down and dirty to make a positive impact in your own community. It was great to see the willingness to keep this beautiful country of ours litter free.
Keep up the good work guys, and remember, Every little bit helps!