Rubbish at West

Here at Mildura West we are trying our hardest to not get our Recycling bins contaminated. We probably are thinking the kids putting rubbish in the bins  are the younger students but it is also the older kids that should know better! Miss Hudswell, Miss  Vorwerk and I are trying really hard to have no rubbish in the bins so we don’t have to pay $200 dollars per BIN.

Here is a short list of what we find in the bins,

  1.  chip packets
  2. food
  3. full fruit box
  4. hot dogs
  5. drinks
  6. and lots more gross stuff

Here are some pictures to show you what we do and what the kids do to prevent the bins from being contaminated.

IMG_3382This is a good bin. We have put a piece of cardboard in the top and this helps us to check the contamination. If there is nothing contaminating the bin then we put the cardboard on the top again.





This is a bad bin contaminated with rubbish!

IMG_3385That is another bad recycling bin.


If you don’t know what bin it goes in put it in the rubbish bin!.

IMG_3387The red stands for 200 dollars that’s how much it costs per bin so if they were all with rubbish in them we would be up to about $1000!

IMG_1616 I think if the public doesn’t know what to do they should learn or put it in their rubbish bin not go and dump it on someone’s property.

IMG_3431We have recycling skips here at school and if they get rubbish in them it can cost 500 dollars.




Messy Neighbours

My Neighbours are terrible at recycling! Scratch that they are terrible at putting things in the bin!?? Nearly every day my family pick up something new and put it in the bin!?? It could be a shapes packet, chip packet, sandwich and once I think we found a plastic bottle or something?? It’s easy to recycle?? I watched a video about a prep who could recycle so I think year 4s and 5s can right??

Feedback to my Neighbours maybe have an outside bin so you can throw your rubbish in the bin outside if you can’t be bothered to actually go inside and put your rubbish in the bin??


Rubbish or gold?

IMG_1852Cha-Ching! People could have money in their pockets and a clean planet if they recycled. While 5P was down at Lake Ranfurly they found heaps of rubbish that could have been recycled from old jewellery boxes to car filters they found everything. Not only is recycling helping but dumping rubbish at the lake could cost you more than room in the bin. Beer caps and cans where a common sight at the lake which was really bad considering that someone or something could get seriously hurt or injured. Smashed beer bottles also pose a threat to people and animals because of how sharp they are and hard to spot because glass is mostly transparent.


Litter belongs in the bin!

I was inspired to write this after I planned my Water Week Poster. Litter is something that everyone needs to take responsibility of. Animal’s habitats are being damaged by the amount of litter. The message that I want to get across is that litter causes many problems and its up to you to stop littering.





People think it is okay to litter, they think that a piece of rubbish like a plastic wrapper could do no harm, they think that by dropping something to save them time from not going to the bin but in any circumstances it is NOT! Animals are getting endangered for example by people littering their plastic bags. The plastic bag floats up and back down to an animals habitat and the animals eat it and they choke on it and that is not okay! Sometimes these nasty humans just throw pieces of rubbish in the toilet. It clogs the toilet up and then clogs up the drain and eventually that clogs up the whole system.
Would you want that?
No one knows how much harm it does until it gets to a serious stage!
Please put your rubbish in the bin and don’t litter, there are living things other than humans and the landfills are growing faster than we really realise they are! Thank you for thinking about the actions you should be taking!



The Litter Stopper


Litter Free

I chose to write a poem about being litter free.

Is it too much to ask that everyone makes sure they do not litter?
Can people be responsible?
Imagine a world where everyone did the right thing! No litter!

Litter Free



I think that people should take action and try to stop littering. People just drop litter on the ground because they are too lazy to walk to the nearest bin.  Litter is killing our animals because they think its food. Stop Littering!



Keep litter out of the drains!

Litter goes down the drain and then straight into the Murray River. Don’t let this happen.


Keep the Litter out of the drains from Mildura West on Vimeo.


Rubbish is annoying!

If everyone takes responsibility for their own litter there would never be any rubbish in the wrong place!

Think about it! Rubbish is annoying! from Mildura West on Vimeo.


Patrol Tickets

There are many patrol tickest that find their wasy onto the ground. These tickets are littering our school. Find out what we are going to do about it!

This video is by Georgia and myself!


Patrol tickets from Mildura West on Vimeo.


Litter issues at Lake Ranfurly!

Here are some issues that we all need to think about and do something about as a community!
1. People are illegally dumping waste in the environment? Why are they doing this?

2. Green waste is also dominating the area at Lake Ranfurly where it is dumped. Don’t people realise what can happen when green waste is dumped?

3. Most clean ups in the area find a scary 2 tonnes of illegally dumped waste!

How can people be educated?


Litter issues

Hikers accidentally or travelllers purposely drop litter. perpousoly big or small Every time someone litters it can have an impact on animals. 50% of camels die from swallowing plastic bags. When it rains poison and chemicals come off your litter into the soil and end up in Lake Ranfurly. If animals drink the lake water or if plants grow in the soil and an animal eats it the animal can die. If you’re caught you can be fined up to $4760. For a small fee be responsible and drop it off at the Landfill!


Illegal Dumping

Today I am going to tell you about illegal dumping. You know all the disgusting chemicals and acids? Every day over 5 tonnes of rubbish is dumped over the world in countries like Africa.

We went to Lake Ranfurly and we were all surprised that rubbish is being dumped right near Mildura at Lake Ranfurly! Why do people do this?

They are not thinking of the animals that live there or the people that like to go walking. Rubbish dumpled like this is illegal and it looks horrible!


Littering facts

Littering has become a big issue!

Illegal dumping of household goods makes Lake Ranfurly look so untidy and messy. Take the rubbish to the landfill and sort it out.

Whatever happened to …look after the environment!