Voices of the Children – Special Forever

Congratulations Imogen! Imogen was selected to represent MWPS at the Opening of Voices of the Children Special Forever!

Imogen read her learning about Middens!DSC07053


Special Forever

Every year we have some great entries for Special Forever displayed at the Arts Centre. Check out these fantastic 3D Aussie animals!

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Special Forever Voices of the Children 2014

Last Friday four of our students represented the school at the Voices of the Children ABC recording. Thank you and well done to Georgia Newell, Jonah Logan, Hannah Rogers and Corey Geering. Each student spoke about what had inspired their poetry as part of the ABC interview and then  read their own poem.

The link to the article is and the audio recording can be downloaded.


Special Forever: Voices of the Children

Shelby's Water Message Poster 2012

Save our precious water

Save our precious water

Congratulations to Chloe Costa and Shelby Livens for having their visual art published on the local Special Forever website at:


Special Forever: Voices of the Children is an environmental awareness arts and writing exhibition, featuring the work of primary school students from the Mallee region in North West Victoria, Australia.We look forward to more students from MWPS having their visual art and writing published on this website during 2013.


Beneath the Surface

Creatures dwell beneath the surface,

Fish, turtles and sea serpents.

The reeds blow smoothly in the wind,

The slow watery currents twist and spin.

Tadpoles speed and yabbies crawl.

Platypuses and ducks dream sleepily on…

There’s a whole big world down deep

Where creatures great and small –

Who cannot speak –

Not because they are animals

But because they are outnumbered by humans and their disgusting practices!

Beneath the Surface shows there is a lot more to a river or a waterway than appears when we just look at the surface!


Water=Life Water Education Project

Earlier this year a team of Ambassadors travelled to the Albury Kids Conference and presented Ghastly Guests as a workshop. The workshop showed the audience how water pollutants can cause havoc in our waterways.

Thank you and congratulations to Connor B, Bree, Georgia C, Josh, Sophie, Jake C, Maya, Cameron, Billy, Kelsey, Catherine and Molly for their particpation. Their presentation has achieved a first prize of $500.00 for Mildura West environmental resources.

Check out the whole story at:


Special Forever 2009

Congratulations Dezra. Your artwork titled ‘Down by the River , one Saturday night’ has been selected for publication in the 2009 Special Forever anthology and on the MDBA website.



Special Forever is an environmental communications project that encourages all Murray Basin kids to communicate their understandings about the environment in a variety of written and visual presentations.