Congratulations Melbourne Water MWPS Team

Well done to our representatives that travelled to Melbourne for the Water conference. You have been published in the AQUANAUT MAGAZINE!

Taking the Waterwise message to the city
WHOOSH! The plane lifted off and eight of us representing Mildura West Primary School and regional Victoria were off to the Melbourne Water Conference. We landed in Melbourne and caught a maxi taxi to the hotel where we stayed not far from the Etihad Stadium.
The Conference was held at the Etihad Stadium and we had been invited to present the topic: ‘Creating Water Smart Cities – a country perspective.’ This was a Main Stage performance so that we could show the city kids that we also need to be careful how we use water in the country.
Our presentation was about our region being a very important food bowl and we wanted the audience to understand the following messages:
•Be smart and save water wherever you live;
•Don’t use flood irrigation use drip irrigation because it saves water;
•The Sunraysia region grows most of the food that is eaten in Melbourne and also 21% of the wine grape crush;
•That we country kids are trying to save water too;
•We also need to create water smart country areas too not just water smart cities;
•Mildura is important food wise and is also water wise.
Our play used a variety of characters to show the changes people have to make due to reduced water allocation and that it can be done and still food can be grown.
For World Environment Day as part of the Conference activities held at the Melbourne Zoo; we had the opportunity to build bird boxes sponsored by Bunnings. These boxes were then taken to Kinglake West to help the bird life return to the bushfire areas. We built the boxes by nailing the walls to the base, then
nailing on the roof. Everyone in our group of four took turns hammering and we also added a stake to the box. The best part was drawing on the boxes. To help the birds we drew pictures of species that are
found in the Kinglake area and an arrow to the hole in the box to show where the bird could enter.
The most important things we learnt at the Melbourne Water Conference were:
•That everyone was trying to get their towns or suburbs to save water.
•Everyone not just country kids are trying to save water.
•Save water and don’t waste it wherever you are
•How to make bird boxes to help birds return to fire ravaged areas as well as saving water.
•Soils use different amounts of water so we need to know what soils are the best to plant in to save water.
•That we can all make difference.
•Being WATERWISE is everyone’s business!
•Every drop of water is precious and needs to be used wisely.
We would like to thank our mentors Paula Robinson from Mallee CMA and Maxine Schache from DPI.
Article by:
Amelia, Teagan, Indi, Jake, James, Ashley, Courtney and Abbey.

Mildura West Primary School Year 6 students.


Melbourne Water Conference 2009

Sunraysia Daily
Water smart kids
4/06/2009 4:00:00 AM
EIGHT students from Mildura West Primary School will give a voice to regional Victoria as the only non-metropolitan representatives at the Melbourne Water Youth Conference.
The students will join more than 400 others at the conference to teach each other and learn about being water smart.
The eight water ambassadors will give a 10-minute presentation about water conservation in country Victoria at Docklands in Melbourne today.
The theme of the conference is Creating Water Smart Cities and will explore issues such as drought, water recycling, supply and conservation, stormwater, water quality, population growth and the planning and design of cities in the future.
Teagan, 12, said Mildura as the food bowl needed water to produce all the fruit city people ate.
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