A Rubbish Free way to Have a fun Day…

Yesterday, the grade 5/6s of Mildura West PS ran a Mini Fete on our oval. Every group organised a stall. My group did Hairspray, so I wrote this quatrain about our Rubbish Free Mini Fete.

There’s a rubbish free way,

To have a fun day,

Just put the rubbish in the bins,

And everyone wins!


Should Mildura West be rubbish free all the time?

I think Mildura West should try to be rubbish free all the time . There would be less rubbish on the ground and then there would be no chance that rubbish would end up going down the drain.

However some parents may not be able to afford reusable containers so we would need to consider this. The other issue would be lunch orders from the local shop because that creates so much rubbish. We would have to think about a different waste wise system for the shops.

If we were rubbish free all the time then much less rubbish would have to go to the landfill. This would also be good for the environment.


Mildura West should be rubbish free all the time!

Mildura West should be rubbish free all the time and that would be an excellent idea. Lots of people every week bring rubbish free lunches especially on Wednesday when it is a rubbish free day and some people don’t.

We are helping the environment too by having less litter flying around. As well we are keeping litter out of the drains by being rubbish free and that helps our water quality in the river [this is our drinking water too!]The wetlands keep cleaner as well.  

However we need to think of a way to get more people to bring rubbish free lunches. We need to have different types of containers and let people know where they can buy them. The containers do need to be cheaper so that people can afford them.

We do focus on the national parks making sure what we take in we take out. But I think if our school was rubbish free all the time it would be an awesome school!


Plastic cling wrap is a fantastic invention!

Written by 5/6D

You might think that plastic cling wrap is a fantastic invention however it often a hazard.

Plastic cling wrap can end up in a drain and all drains eventually lead to a waterway. Once the plastic wrap enters the water it can cause havoc. Fish could swallow it and die, the macroinvertebrates could get wrapped up in it and suffocate. Even a fisherman could get his line tangled because of cling wrap.

However some families think plastic wrap is the best thing for wrapping sandwiches, keeping them fresh and preventing them from tasting toasty!

Plastic wrap can be a menace and it certainly is not a fantastic invention for the environment!


Should we pay for plastic bags?

I don’t even think we should have plastic bags at all!

Planet Ark have written some very good reasons not to even have plastic bags!

The plastic check-out bags we throw away, litter our beaches, rivers streets and our playgrounds. They get into our national parks and waterways where they trap and choke our wildlife. We use them for minutes, but they can cause havoc in our environment for hundreds of years. Plastic bags are unnecessary when there are so many alternatives available to carry our shopping. By banning plastic check-out bags, we can save energy and resources that can be put to better use by future generations.

South Australia is the first state to ban the use of plastic check out bags in shops. I wonder when the other states will do this too?


Australians still use 4 billion checkout bags a year – that’s 10 million a day!



Last week we entered the Victorian Rubbish Free Challenge Competition. We had to enter the data. Our Rubbish Free Wednesday results for Mildura West were: 251 people with rubbish free lunches; a huge improvement as we had 223 last week.

Two classes did not have any rubbish at all in their red bin. Congratulations 3/4A and 1/2C.

We had 320g of soft plastic in our bins from lunch.

This week we have calculated the class data using percentages again. We collect the number of people that are rubbish free and the total number of people in the class for that day.

In 4th place with 77%: 5/6E.

In 3rd place with 79%: 1/2B.

Equal second with a great score of 80% goes to 3/4A and 5/6A

Our winners with 100%: 1/2C. Everyone had a rubbish free lunch and no rubbish in their red bin. A fabulous effort!


We are still looking at cheaper ways for families to buy reusable containers. Do you have any suggestions?





Planning a Waste Wise Event

Hi Troy
I got your comment and this is how I would email someone to tell them if it is a Waste Wise Event. But if you were going to plan a waste wise event you should call the regional waste management group at the local council

For starters say if I was emailing you I would say,

We are having a Waste Wise Event. But if you didn’t know what a Waste Wise Event is (which you should know) it is an event that people put their rubbish in the right recycling bins so at the end of the day there should be no rubbish on the ground. You need to make sure that they know and understand what a waste wise event is. You should talk to people in your class to find a day that suits everyone.

So that’s mostly what I would put in an email to explain that there is a waste wise event. These events are good for the environment and it also gets people thinking about recycling. Sorry for the long wait hope it helps and let us know how your waste wise even goes.


Waste Wise Event

Meaning of…
A wastewise event is an event with no rubbish at all going to the landfill.


What it means to be waste wise!

A Wastewise Event…

It means that it is a rubbish free activity and is trying to get you to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill which is a great effort!


Being Waste Wise

A waste wise event means to reduce rubbish as much as possible by putting in more bins for recycling. Everyone needs to hold on to their rubbish and put it in the right place – reduce, re-use and recycle.


Waste Wise Event

? A waste wise event is a rubbish free event.
? This means that if you bring rubbish in to any place you have to take it home with you.


Waste Wise

At Mildura West Primary School we are waste wise. We look after our environment by organising things like a waste wise mini fete, having rubbish free Wednesdays with our snacks and lunches and recycling.


Water Saving Tips

Here are some water saving tips.

-Install a tank-this means you use rain water (when it does rain)
-Have four minute showers-this will give you more water for other things
-Remember to water on your watering days only-If you forget I’m sorry but your plants will have to wait a few more days.
-Put a bucket in your sinks- if you want to water your lawn you can use this water.
-Don’t turn the tap on until you are ready to wash your hands-people normally forget all the water you are using when you are wiping soap on your hands.

These are just a few ways!
Do these and be a water saver!.


Rubbish Free Wednesdays.

We had a great question last week…

I have an ‘almost’ rubbish free snack and lunch but I have one thing that I can take home and recycle. Is that ‘almost’ rubbish free because I can recycle the rubbish I have?

Other comments from last week:

‘My snack and my lunch is rubbish free. Mum and I had to think of ways to bring my food without any rubbish.’

‘I was worried my sandwiches would be all ‘toasty’ without wrapping them up in a zip lock bag. My family found a way to do this. We have snap lock lunch boxes. That means they are air tight.’

Have you heard any other interesting comments?

By the way we had 220g of rubbish last week on Rubbish Free Wednesday. We are aiming for 0g.


Rubbish Free Snack

Rubbish Free Snack

We are looking for some great ideas for rubbish free snacks… Can you suggest some hints?