Rabbits of the River!

Rabbits of the River by Noah


‘Warning this brochure may contain useful information!’ by Nathaniel

Warning This Brochure May Contain Useful Information



Carp Brochure – Hollie


Carp are destroying our waters… By Ashlyn

Carp Are Destroying Our Waters


Carp questions to answer!

-Why can’t we put the carp back into the river? What are the carp laws?

-What do we do with the carp once we have caught them?

-What would happen if we put the carp back in the river?

-How come there are so many carp?

-What is the best river to fish in that doesn’t have as many carp?

-What would happen if we just left the carp there – in the river?

-Are carp stopping the breeding of native fish?

-Why are carp so bad?




-Native fish



Carp questions

Are carp a big issue?

What are the laws of carp and fishing.

How can we stop carp?

What do carp eat?

Are they affecting other fish?

Why can’t we put carp back in the Murray?

What do carp look like?

Where do carp like hiding best?


Danger! European Carp!

What are the outcomes or the ramifications of carp in the river?

Are carp the cause of cod disappearing?

What are the solutions?

How do carp stop the breeding of native fish?

What are the outcomes of using poison do kill carp?


Toxic plant in disguise!

As we all know, several years ago a careless resident dumped the contents of a fish tank 50 metres from the Murray River.

The worry was not the goldfish, it’s the plant that grew; it’s called a Cabomba. Introduced species are a critical point. They can breed and spread down the length of the river. If these antics go on, it could wipe out our native fish and plants and take over the area.

So stay alert and look out. If you catch a carp kill it and DO NOT put them in the river because if you’re caught you’ll be fined and will encourage the breeding process.

So don’t be a fool and watch out for introduced species!