Regulating our Murray River would be a fantastic idea for many reasons. It would have many benefits to regulate the Murray maybe a few things wouldn’t be so great but there would be more benefits than anything.


One of the many reasons to regulate the glorious Murray would be so there was an on-going supply of water for people, animals and the industry. The Murray River would stay at a healthy level ensuring that we have the best access to water, and we would always have a supply.

We could also store and manage the movements of water. To regulate the Murray River it would mean to provide a reliable navigation route for the paddle steamers when they are being relied on for transport and sometimes stock.

Also yes some people would argue that it would promote the overgrowth of some plants such as cumbungi because it would have a wonderful environment to live in but the Council could take care of that by weeding some Cumbungi to keep the species at a ‘wanted’ level.

Another reason for the regulation of the Murray is the recreation and leisure purpose that the Murray serves; by regulating the river we would be able to attract tourism with houseboats and river tours.

So by regulating the magnificent Murray River we would all gain and so would the health of the river.






The Murray River getting regulated is a good idea. There are many reasons why it should be regulated to help support many different industries and to make sure there is enough drinking water for the river towns. Regulating the Murray River means that it has dams, locks, weirs, regulators-carp screens, barrages and fish ladders. If we did not have regulation we might run out of drinking watrer in a drought.


Regulating the Murray River: a discussion!

The Murray River is regulated to support many different societies, industries,aquatic creatures and vegetation. The river has dams, locks,weirs,regulator,carp screens,barrages and fish ladders. All of these are part of regulating the river. There are many different points of view about this issue.

Before the locks and weirs were put in back in 1922, the river would only have water for half a year because it would flow back to the sea. This meant that paddle steamers could not get supplies to people who needed them.

Regulation includes having regulators to store and control the movement of water. Dams are used to store vast quantities of water. Some dams are quite big like the Hume and Hovell dams. Dams are helpful because they provide water for many communities.

Regulating the Murray is good because it allows houseboats to bring tourism to the area. A regulated river also allows locals to experience the Murray River. Regulating the river is a good thing because it provides recreation and habitats for native creatures.


Regulating the Murray – a topic to discuss!

The Murray River needs to be regulated to support many different people in industries, all the aquatic creatures and the vegetation near the river.

Regulating the Murray  River means that it has dams,locks, weirs, regulators, carp screens, barrages and fish ladders – all man made to help control the river. There are lots of views about this issue.

The river being regulated is a good idea because in the past it has given paddlesteamers a good reliable route so they could deliver all the supplies to the people living along the river. It helps the paddlesteamers today as they take tourists for scenic tours.

The river being regulated is also a good idea because the fish ladders keep the native fish migrating and the carp can’t kill or eat lots of the native fish.

In addition to that regulating the river helps us in a drought because it helps to control the movement of the water. On the other hand it helps introduced pest plants and animals from other countries  survive with lots of water. It has been found that exotic plants or weeds such as willows can grow quicker and can cause erosion on the banks. This is not an advantage!

The river being regulated is a good and sometimes a bad thing in many ways. However this issue of regulating the Murray whether we should or shouldn’t gives us all something to think about!


Regulating the Murray River

The Murray River needs to be regulated to support many different societies, industries, aquatic creatures and vegetation. Regulating the river means that it has dams, locks, weirs, regulators, carp screens, barrages, and fish ladders. There are many different points of view about this issue. My view is that it is a good idea.

 One of the good things about regulation  is that we can have water all year round. But we still need to watch how much water we use because if we use too much, all the water that we have stored can run out, then we would be very smelly with no water for baths or showers!

 Another thing that is good is houseboats are able to bring tourism to the area. Hotels will be packed and the employees can get a bigger pay on their pay day. It is a good thing all round.

 Dams, locks and weirs control the flooding by controlling the flow. This is a good thing because people who are in flood zones are not constantly in flood. Also, farmers are able to have water to irrigtate.

A bad thing about regulating the Murray is that plants and weeds such as willows are able to grow and trap the fish. Also, if a boat gets too close, the boat’s motor can get caught and it might get severely damaged. If it does, then the petrol will leak out and damage the river and kill the fish and other aquatic life.

Regulating the river has many advantages.


What does regulating the river mean?

The Murray River needs to be regulated to support many different societies, industries, aquatic creatures and vegetation. Regulating the river means that it has dams, locks, weirs, regulaters-carpscreens, barrages and fish ladders. There are many different points of view about this issue.

I believe that there should be regulating. It’s a good choice because there is a fair chance that if you don’t regulate the river it will go all over the placea nd we willrun out of water a lot quicker.

But the most important thing is that we have water to drink and because we have all the creatures along the river. With regulation we will have water for a longer length of time.

The river has to be regulated for several reasons for example irrigation, drinking, and a few other things so if you don’t regulate it , it could cost your life!


Regulating the Murray River

1.  We need to make sure that we have enough water for us to drink also for animals to survive.  Regulating the Murray River means installing dams, weirs, locks, fish ladders, barrages and carp screens.  Some people think that regulating the Murray River is a good thing, while others think leaving it natural is the best way. 

2.  Carp is bad for river, so if people catch a carp you never put them back into the rivers.  There is a fine if you do put carp back in the river. Regulators in the river help to control carp as they have carp screens and that keeps the adult carp out of breeding areas. Adult Murray Cod now like eating the baby carp and that is helping get rid of this pest.


Regulating the Murray River

I think regulating the Murray is a good decision because it helps the river run its natural flow through the whole system from Corryong all the way through to the Murray Mouth at Goolwa.

Firstly, you need to know how to actually control flooding. Building or constructing dams can actually help the flow of the river.  Dams will store water and often release water into the river. Major dams along the Murray are the Hume dam and the Dartmouth dam.

Secondly fish ladders allow fish to swim upstream avoiding weirs and locks along the way. Because our native fish such as the cod and perch, swim close the bottom they use carp screens to catch the carp because they tend to jump, instead of swim like other fish.

Thirdly, regulating the river gives a constant supply of water to industry, residents and native or farm animals. This helps plants grow and keep industries on track. Water is a vital resource to all signs of life so it is a good idea.

On the other hand, lots of foreign trees such as willows and foreign plants such as bullrushes, can take over the riparian zone as well as the sides of the river. This is a big issue that you should notice and it’s obviously a disadvantage.

I hope the regulating program is a good idea because I think it a good idea. But you should also consider the bad points instead of just the good points.

Also the people that clean the weirs and builders should finish off the project of the other locks and weirs such as locks 11,12,13,14,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 and 25. They got a bit slack (or just ran out of funding) but now I think it could be possible to finish the job so we have a highly regulated river. I hope you think this is a good idea.


Should the Murray River be regulated?

There are people that think the Murray should be regulkated and there are people that think it should not be! It is important for the River Red Gums to be flooded and have a good soak every few years and with regulation this does not happen.

However we need regulation so that we always have a good supply of drinking water and there is enough water for the farmers to irrigate the crops.

What do you think?


Regulating the Murray River.

There are a lot of different opinions about whether the Murray should be regulated or not.

What does it mean when someone says the river is regulated?

Are there advantages and disadvantages for regulating the Murray? Can anyone explain some of these?