How weeds spread – Lake Ranfurly visit

How weeds spread

.birds eat the seeds and do their droppings and then the seeds grow

.they fall in the water and float away and then new plants form in another area

.weed seeds can be transported on shoes in the soles, car tyres – seeds get stuck in the grooves in the tyres and drop out wherever the car goes.

I saw an African Boxthorn and an onion weed which are not native; they are PESTS!


WARNING our habitats are dying!

Oh no our natural habitats are being destroyed by introduced wildlife,weeds and worst of all illegal dumping of rubbish! What sort of people fill up their cars and trailers with rubbish and then dump it?

Illegal dumping affects the habitats of birds at Lake Ranfurly. We need to look after all habitats.


Brown Treecreeper by Nathaniel


Weed Waste is a problem.

Green waste is for example grass,weeds,dead plants and much more. Weeds can spread in peoples clothing and pets fur so make sure you don’t dump weeds or anything else. Weeds are not good for the environment because it can be dangerous for the animals that live there.



Weeds Are Pests! They take up space in our garden if we do not stop them, native plantS will not be able to grow. Also animals (e.g) sheep and horses). They are no good unless you want them there. If you have weeds in your garden and don’t do anything……. PULL IT OUT! 

I have a few reasons why they cannot do anthing: they don’t smell good they take up too much space and they look horrible. Most weeds have seed pods or seed heads that burst open, catapulting the seeds away from the adult plant (weeds such as gorse pods.)


Weeds Can Spread By The Wind +

Weeds can spread by the wind because if humans  pull out weeds and  they leave the weeds on the ground, the wind can blow the weed’s seeds around the world.Some seeds have a shape adapted for being carried by the wind.[weed’s = sycamore seeds have ‘wings’,dandelion seeds are attached tiny feather-like parachutes, feathery pampas.Weed’s can harm us humans , other animals and the ENVIRONMENT.


Seed’s and fragment’s of stems  from plants living close to waterways are transported by rivers , streams and sea to new areas. Humans can also transport weeds on their clothing, car and bike tyres. Don’t foget your dog can also spread weeds on their fur!


Erect prickly pear out of control

Firstly:In 1770 Captain Cook found prickly pear in Brazil and he wanted some to take to Australia to plant because he wanted the red food dye called cochineal so he could dye the soldiers coats.

Secondly: Captain Cook wanted a factory call a cochineal factory. So he had to plant all the prickly pear and then it spread everywhere.

Thirdly:Today prickly pear has been spread the droppings of birds,foxes and other animals.


Weeds can be spread by humans

Weeds are spread by humans when people are walking through the bush – they collect them on the soles of their shoes, even their socks!They also can collect seeds on their backs when they brush against the weeds and seeds can fall off. Also people pick pieces of the plants and sometimes the pieces grow into another plant and they can be weeds and then they spread to other areas. My advice take care when there are weeds and don’t spread them!


Prickly Pear

  • Prickly Pear is a Regionally Prohibited Weed in the Mallee, West Gippsland and East Gippland Catchment and Land Protection Regions.
  • It is a Regionally Controlled Weed in the North Central, Port Phillip West and North East  Regions.
  • Land owners in areas where prickly pear is Regionally Prohibited must eradicate or control it on their land.


Pest weeds are a pest!!!!

Clever weeds spread by being scattered, spread and put into new areas away from where they normally start in 5 main ways: Wind, water, animals, the plant itself and humans.

The wind spreads the weeds by carrying them to a different place. Not where they naturally grow.

Water helps spread the weeds as well. If there is a flood, the seeds can flow with the water to a new destination.

Animals spread seeds by carrying them in their fur or their feet.

The plant itself can spread by going to seed then the seeds drop and a new plant forms.

Humans spread seeds on their socks, shoes, car tyres, clothes and many more ways.


Clever plants often become weeds!

If plants grow wild they will be a weed and very hard to control! We don’t want that to happen. If animals eat some weeds they can get sick or even poisOned.
Weeds can be moved by humans on socks, jumpers and soles of shoes.
Weeds are clever and can move in all sorts of ways!


Weeds can spread by wind…

Weeds can spread by wind because if there is a really strong wind then the seeds spread..

Weeds can spread by wind even when humans pull the weeds out and the wind blows the seeds and then they spread.

    Weeds can spread by wind when they get blown ito the river and then they find a place to grow.


Weeds are pests and spread by wind!

Weeds are pests to people and plants because they can kill your plants.

Firstly:They take over your other plants that are in your garden.

Secondly:They do not look nice in your garden.

Thirdly:They can give your animal some sort of allergy all people should get rid of these disgraceful weeds. 

Weeds can spread  by the wind like most weeds when a seed comes off of it , it will regrow where it lands.


The way weeds move

People call weeds pests but they don’t know how the weeds move. Well the plant does not move but the seeds do. When the seed is planted after a week or so the seed will crack and the plant and roots come out. The plant starts to grow up out of the ground while the roots grow down. When the plant gets out of the dirt or soil it starts to absorb energy from the sun and the roots start to suck up water from the ground. Later the seeds form and then the weeds can spread in many different ways.


Should weeds be ignored?

Weeds should not be ignored because weeds can be spread by humans, animals and other creatures and the elements!
Common garden weeds spread either by human action or through wind or water.

Seeds move by the wind or they are carried by birds. They may be carried in the hair, fur or intestinal tract of animals that travel long distances. Sometimes grasses, with their seeds are carried in different waterways until they find a landing spot. Seeds can EVEN move into our backyards if we have straw, hay or animal manure. Weed seeds can even be mixed with turfed grass so when you plant your lawn you could be planting a crop of weeds too!


Life cycle of a weed

Firstly someone brings a plant from all over the world to Australia and plants it in their garden. Secondly it grows high over the fence onto the road and the seed gets stuck in someone’s tyre and gets taken all around Australia. Thirdly the plant spreads all over Australia. 

Now I’ll tell you how it spreads.  Weeds can spread in all different ways such as… socks, shoe laces, soles of  shoes, clothes,  tyres, wind, floods, animals and HUMANS!!! As you can tell we are the main problem. Believe it or not we are a big part of their life cycle. We spread the weed so the life cycle starts all over again not particularly  in that order .

The question is: Do you we spread the weeds more then anything else?