Litter belongs in the bin!

I was inspired to write my poem after I completed my Water Week Poster.
Litter is something everyone needs to take responsibility for. I read my poem on the ABC Radio. I hoped to get a message to the listeners that litter causes many problems for the environment.

Litter Belongs in the Bin!


Deforestation is a Complication

In the Enviro Team we have been focusing on global issue poems. We have been making poems about global issues such as global warming, deforestation and polluting. I did mine on deforestation and the title was ‘Deforestation is a Complication’.

Corey, Chloe, Jonah and I all got the opportunity  to go down to the Art Centre and spoke about our poems on the ABC radio as well as reading them. I worked hard on my poem and it paid off and I am really proud of myself.

Deforestation is a Complication Sept 2104


Saving Energy: Reflection on my poem

I recently wrote a poem about how to save energy. Something I liked about my poem was how I made the start of it rhyme. It took a bit of time but I did finish most of it in one session. One thing that challenged me was making the end rhyme. I kind of ran out of ideas and didn’t know what to do. Something I could do better was probably make my poem a bit more descriptive and detailed.

Save Energy


Leave my home alone!

For my poem I chose the issue, habitat loss.

I wrote it from the view of an orangutang. I choose to write a poem with four lines because it was simple and I think that you only need to get a message across to people, the simpler the better!

Georgia Poem


Deforestation a global issue!

Deforestation by Jakeb


Murray River Issues

The Enviro Team have been experimenting with the different forms of poetry. You will find a quatrain and a couplet as well as free verse on the following poem!

Murray River by Enviro Team 2014


Campfires Not Properly Extinguished!

My poem was about campfires not being properly extinguished. It was a real life experience when we were camping down at Jonson’s Bend. When we started putting on the small twigs and leaves there was some wispy smoke. This is what inspired me to write my poem about campfires not properly extinguished!

In conclusion my poem is based on a personal experience and is a Free Verse Poem.

Campfires Not Properly Extinguished


Rulers of our River! By Alex and Jeremy

They come from a place far away
Here they are on this very day
They’re killing off our native fishes
Then taking all their healthy riches!

Then they annoy fishermen all day
Sending them far away
Left on the bank to rot
Heaps of them! There is a lot!

There is only one way to solve this problem
That is to stop their race
So the river has more space!


Does anyone care?

Our river is dying from pollution,

We need to stop it with an unfound solution,

People are so selfish these days

We need to stop the cruel ways

With a bit of hope we can see

How the river can be help just believe

But it may stay like this for years to come

But something has to be done

So stop pollution!

It’s killing our trees!

Our plants, insects and bees

Does anyone care anymore?







The harmless ribboning fire, bright red,

Left alight as everyone goes to bed,

Strong winds arrive blowing the fire adrift,

Quickly the flickering flames start to lift.


The fire creeps along the sandy banks,

Blazes across to all gums in sight,

Then races down to the cold water and sank.

But still the fire goes on through the night.


You wake up in the morning to find it,

All pitch black, as black as the night before,

But then you realise you just broke the law,

Because you simply left the fire alight!


Think about your actions!

The river flows with the colour brown.

The reeds are thick and tall.

Pollutants can be seen in the river.

Fertilisers cause excess nutrients in the river

Blue green algae then forms

Affecting the river creatures.

Be careful what actions you take!

This can impact on the river.


Murray River

Marvellous , clear water.

Under the river red gums.

Rivers this fine are one-of-a-kind.

Running through this peaceful world.

After all, it’s here for all.

Yesterday it was here, tomorrow its might be gone.


A Rubbish Free way to Have a fun Day…

Yesterday, the grade 5/6s of Mildura West PS ran a Mini Fete on our oval. Every group organised a stall. My group did Hairspray, so I wrote this quatrain about our Rubbish Free Mini Fete.

There’s a rubbish free way,

To have a fun day,

Just put the rubbish in the bins,

And everyone wins!



A couplet poem!

Water, water here and there

Falling from the sky everywhere.


Love the Earth

 I love the planet with its trees and water

Nothing can change the beautiful animals on the planet

Maybe people could stop polluting

And  people save the earth by the power of the recycling.