Is the litter in the River worse than we think? My poem reflection

My poem is about the importance of sustainability. We need to look after our planet! In my poem I conclude with this thought!

So be aware not to litter in the water.
Because everyone wants a happy grandson and granddaughter!.


Litter in the River



Corey being taped ABC radio

I was very lucky to read my poem on the ABC Radio.



Murray River Issues

The Enviro Team have been experimenting with the different forms of poetry. You will find a quatrain and a couplet as well as free verse on the following poem!

Murray River by Enviro Team 2014


Murray River Poem

Looking through 'rose coloured' glasses!

Looking through ‘rose coloured’ glasses!


The villians flourish in the mighty Murray,

Destroying the lives of innocent habitants.

They’re dubbed the rabbits of the river,

Their power inconceivable.

Draining the life out of other fish,

Their heartless bodies full of evil,

Their nefarious schemes causing havoc,

As they roam the river like kings.


The river once so strong.

Now lay helpless, weak and pitiful,

For its glittering water was polluted,

And it’s sparkling features no longer seen

Rubbish stuffed in between cowering reeds,

Lay as evidence of a nasty deed.

Its water prized as clean,

Was now the dirtiest ever seen.


Uini’s PowerPoint about Johnson’s Bend!

Uini shows us what should not be happening at Johnson’s Bend and why we need to look after this area.



Every Easter my family, friends and I go down to the Murray River and stay in tents and swags. We also bring the houseboat down to where we’re staying. I also bring my bike and we put out speed boat in the water. Sometimes we even go fishing and once I caught a Murray Cod. This year my friends Mitch and Alby found a bike trail with jumps and we rode our bikes over the jumps trying to get airborne. When we go camping we have a bonfire and we toast marshmallows on sticks. I sometimes go on the keen board and I tried the slalom ski but I failed miserably. I like to sleep in swags or sleeping bags. It gets really cold at night down at the river so I have to put 2 or 3 blankets on. My dog Nulla likes to come too; however she causes too much mischief. I love going down to the river.


The Houseboat

A while ago this year my family and I went to our houseboat. When we got there I noticed that the water had risen, I’m guessing that it was because of the floods in and around Shepparton, a major town on the Murray River. Anyway as I was walking onto the houseboat I tripped over and hit my face on the floor, it kind of hurt. I then waited for my parents to come and open the door. After they did I went inside and put my bathers on right away.

I then went straight onto the ski biscuit, because it’s a three person ski biscuit I went with two of my sisters. The ski biscuit flew in the air, flipped and tumbled and I managed to only fall off once.

After that my Mum cooked chicken wings, chops and steak on the barbeque, it was very tasty.    After lunch I went bike riding. While I was riding I found $2.00 on the ground, I kept it (obviously.) [At the moment our dollar is 99.5cents compared to the American dollar]

 After all of this it came to 6 o’clock and my Dad made us dinner. It was homemade fish and chips, it was pretty good. I then watched T.V and went to bed.


Easter down at the Murray River


Houseboat on the Murray River in Victoria

My favourite Murray River experience was about 2 years ago at Easter. Every Easter my family and about 6 other families go down  the river. It takes 8 hours on a houseboat and half an hour to drive. It was a long way on the houseboat but it was fun.

All of the families plus us called it Easter Island, because there’s a creek running through the land to make it an island. My brothers and some other kids played a big game of beach soccer. I scored 2 goals. My oldest brother Josh scored the winning goal for my team. This was my first time wakeboarding. I had trouble getting up once I fell off. But I figured it out. I also like to biscuit (or doughnuts).

 Ihe parents make a fire, so do the kids. The kid’s fire was bigger and the adults keep stealing our wood. I like jumping off our houseboat into the river and having mud fights with my brothers. The river is good to relax in.  I love to go camping near the river and wakeboarding on the river. And always want to go down to the river!


Murray River story

It was a normal Saturday in the holidays and my brother’s friend asked if we wanted to go down to the river so we did. It was really fun seeing we don’t have a boat. It was the first time that I have ever been wakeboarding before but I got up the first time I tried. I kept getting up so I had a great day with all of the people down at the Murray River.

Wakeboarding on the Murray is basically snowboarding but on water.


Picnic on the Murray River

I went to the Murray River for a picnic. In a hamper we took cheese and tomato sandwiches and a bottle of water. We also took some watermelon and apples with us.  I brought with me some bread to feed to the ducks and birds. Then we would go to Jaycee Park just across for a play or just to sit down. At the Park I like to go on the swings and the flying fox. The pole that you spin round, and round on is real fun too, but it makes you really dizzy! After a while of playing I get tired and need to sit down with a cold bottle of water. Then when I cool down a bit, I go and play again! Then when it begins to get dark, we pack up and go home. It’s really fun at the Park and at the Murray River. I can’t wait to go there again!



At the river I light a fire, I have to dig a hole to go to the toilet. We went looking for sticks and leaves to keep the fire going. The other boys kept coming and stealing our fire so we put it out and made a new one. Dad snapped a part of the tent but he had brought some masking tape so he put some on and it stayed up. I wanted to go fishing on the boat but nobody wanted to come with me so I didn`t go but I fished on the edge of the river. We had a barbeque but some of my food was cooked in the coals of the fire. I didn`t pack any pyjamas so I had to sleep in my clothes, my brother drove the car on the dirt road.


 Pyjamas clothes made for sleeping in

 Masking tape tape that is white and sticky it helps to fix or build something



On Christmas of 2009, my family and I went camping down at the Murray River. When we woke up our tent was filled with presents. My brothers were so surprised because they thought Santa only delivered presents to their house.

When everyone was up and ready we went swimming in the river. It was cold at first but the water felt warmer the longer that we stayed in.

After that we had lunch. We had our Christmas barbeque. It was unusual because we didn’t go fishing like we normally do. I enjoyed staying there and I hope to go this year.


The Murray River

Last year my Mum, sister and I went to Apex Park it’s like a river beach.

We had KFC for dinner and afterwards we played beach cricket and my sister hit the ball and it landed in the river at the shallow spot. So I ran into the water and my pants got soaked and they both laughed.

About an hour later we got into our bathers and ran into the water we splashed and sploshed around.

But Mum didn’t come in because she was cold so she went to the car and got out a mini tent and sat in it.


The Murray River by Billy

It was my birthday so my family and I decided to camp down the river with some of my friends.
We took our push bikes, fishing rods, tents and lots of other things. When we got there we set up our camp on a sandbar and did a little bit of fishing and went for a ride on our push bikes on all the dirt tracks.
For tea we cooked a barbeque. We had sausages and steak in bread.

The next day we went for a walk along the river bank to see if we could find a good fishing spot. There was a big rock in the water about 7 metres from the bank, we decided to fish off that. My friend caught a Murray cod but that was it. We didn’t go swimming because it was too cold. That night we got some wood and had a campfire. We toasted marshmallows and had a lot of fun.

On the final day we went for a drive around the bush in our 4WD. We saw a creek and a regulator at a place called Horseshoe Lagoon. Lots of black swans float on the lagoon. After that we went back to our camp and packed up all our stuff. My friends and I really enjoyed it and it was so much fun!
Better than a party at McDonalds!


Murray River

People walk past the Murray,

They also like to hurry,

They do this because they leave lots of rubbish,

So the Murray cannot flourish,