I chose the issue rubbish, and how rubbish can cause many problems. It can cause problems in water. It can contaminate the water and cause animals problems.



Rubbish can affect our drinking water.

If you drop your rubbish on the ground it can go straight down the drain into the Murray River, our water supply!

Rubbish affects our drinking water from Mildura West on Vimeo.


Use it but Don’t Abuse it!

Water pollution is a big issue,

Sometimes people don’t realise they contribute!


Lawn clippings drift down the drain

Humans still  think they’re not to blame!


Oil spills contaminate the ocean

Forming a deadly potion.


Blue green algae not here all the time

Affects the health of the river

The creatures that live there

And humans that use it!


Use the river but don’t abuse it!


Sarah’s Winning Poster for Water Week Year 5-6 2012



Carp Brochure – Hollie


Carp – what damage are they really causing?

  • Are Carp Wrecking The Rivers?
  • Are They Affecting Other Fish?
  • How Many carp Are There In The Murray/Darling?
  • Are There Any Laws For Carp?
  • How Can We Stop Carp Ruining The River?



Carp cause destruction. When you catch a carp leave it out of the river. Do not throw it back. It is better to take it home and bury it in your garden so that flies don’t come to the river. Carp is also a very good fertiliser.


CAUSES of Pollution in the River






Ricky Rotten


I don’t care about the river my Mum just dumps all my garbage in the creek down the road and I think it goes to the river but it doesn’t matter at all.


David Dumpitall


I dump anything and everything on the ground but I try to do it in secret because I’ve been fined for it before $550!  


Patty Pesticide


I ALWAYS use pesticide for my beautiful flowers I just spray spray, spray, spray AND spray!

Pesticides cause blue green algae however my flowers are much more important to me!


Ethan EatAlot


I just eat, eat, eat AND EAT!  I just chuck all my rubbish especially my take away food containers on the ground because I’m too fat to walk to the bin. Ah well .


Willy Whimp


I’m  too scared to go outside and put my trash in the bin so I chuck it out the window when no-one is looking.People don’t realise all of this ends up in the river so I’ll just keep doing this.


 Think about what you do and the problems it can cause the river!




Pollution in the river by Stephanie,Catherine and Sophie!!!


This is a podcast on the Murray River pollution!


Pollution in the Murray Script

There are many things that cause pollution in the Murray and any other waterway! I am going to share what some people do and this causes the rivers to be polluted.

Hi I’m Helena Hardworker,

They call me Hardworker because I’m always doing jobs. My favourite jobs are washing my car and mowing my lawn. When I wash my car I don’t wash it on the lawn because all of the detergents kill my grass. So I just let the detergents wash away down the drain and I never use biodegradable detergent because it’s way too expensive.

Since I don’t have a proper job I don’t have enough money to buy a proper grass catcher for my lawn mower so the grass just goes everywhere! Besides by the time I finish mowing my lawn and washing my car I’m so puffed I just don’t  have the energy to pick it all up. So, of course I just hose it down the drain. Who cares where it goes?

Of course I’m not always busy on the weekend I go boating with my husband. But I think my boat is leaking oil into the river. It better not wreck my boat because I don’t have the money to fix it!