Save water tip

Install a rain water tank


Water and why we should protect it

Water is important therefore it needs to be protected.

Water is used for many reasons such as:
-Water is the primary source of hydration for all life forms.
-Water is also used for cleaning.
-Water is used for drinking

There are many other things water is used for to help us live.


Water is precious

Water is precious because it is essential in our lives.  People abuse it by wasting it and taking advantage of this resource. I will make sure I don’t abuse this natural beauty.



                                         Water is a precious source.

                                          But water is often wasted.

                                           So be responsible with water.

                                            And think before you act!         


Water is precious

Water is a precious thing,

There are different kinds of water for example spring’

 So use it fewer

So we can drop our lure.             


Pollution – A Quatrain Poem

This world needs our help,

For the world is going grey,

Can’t you hear it yelp?

 Come on people let’s help the world make its way.


Murray River Flows

Water flows left and right

People think it’s a wonderful sight

They leave rubbish every where

Not knowing and not even to care.


People camp on the river bank,

Leaving their rubbish as it sank.

Fish live for a little time

Because of peoples horrible crime!


Water Wise – a Quatrain poem

Water, Water everywhere.

Better save it or there’ll be none to spare.

So we need to change our ways…

Or we’ll have no water for the rest of our days.


Desalination plant

The Desalination plant is in Gippsland near Inverloch. Basically it is a water cleaner because it takes out the salt and puts minerals in it .

Some people  think its a bad idea because its could harm the animals in the water.

What do you think? Leave  your comments below


Fishtank spill oh so near to catastrophe!

Article from Sunraysia Daily 23rd May

23/05/2009 4:00:00 AM
SEVERAL years ago an unknown Mildura householder camAe within 50 metres of causing an environmental disaster in the waterways of the Murray-Darling Basin, on the scale of the 1967 European carp invasion.Someone tired of feeding their pet fish, or cleaning their aquarium, dumped the aquarium’s contents into the Ornamental Lakes on the Mildura riverfront, just 50 metres from the river itself.

The fish in the aquarium, probably goldfish, would have been no threat –r goldfish have been present in the Murray and its tributaries even longer than European carp.

The real threat came from the then-popular aquarium plant tipped into the lakes along with the fish: a South American water plant, Cabomba caroliniana.

Cabomba is one of the world’s most invasive water weeds, a submerged green menace that thrives in slow-moving water, choking rivers, lakes marshes and dams, disrupting aquatic ecosystems.

 For more of this story, refer to Saturday’s Sunraysia Daily 23/05/2009 p. 26-27.

At Rio Vista Park there is a weed called prickly pear spreading. In other areas there is a biological control in place for this.

Does anyone know what biological control means? 


Drinking water in New Mexico

In New Mexico, 90% of residents’ drinking water comes from the ground.  In Albuquerque, this was also the case for about 300 years, but this changed in December 2008 when our drinking water treatment facility came on-line.   The hope is to reduce and ultimately eliminate the impact of long-term over-pumping of our aquifer by gradually shifting to about 70% surface water.  The remaining 30% will come from our aquifer, which we share with other communities like Rio Rancho.  


By the way, half of our RiverXchange classes are located in the adjacent town of Rio Rancho, which is a separate municipality and does not have any surface water rights.  Therefore, those residents must continue to rely 100% on drinking water that comes from our shared aquifer.  


aquifer: Pronunciation: (ak’wu-fur),
any geological formation containing or conducting ground water, especially one that supplies the water for wells, springs, etc.

 How  do you get your drinking water in Mildura? Do you have a series of treatment facilities that the water has to go through?

We have great debates about adding fluoride to the water over here; have you got fluoride added to your drinking water? If you have what do people think of this?






As a group, the 19 western states of United States handle surface water very differently than the rest of the states because surface water is a scarce resource in this large geographic region.  In fact, New Mexico has the least percentage of surface water (2%) of all 50 U.S. states. 

Water quantity regulation exists within states as well as among states.  This is because some rivers (and their tributaries) cross state or international boundaries like the Murray does in Australia.

For example, the Rio Grande begins in Colorado, passes through New Mexico and Texas (borders Mexico) before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico.  This is the case for the Colorado River and other western rivers.  There are interstate stream laws and international water laws that spell out how much water each state can have from the same river.

 I think I have it right?  The source of the Murray River starts in New South Wales, is a natural border between Victoria and New South Wales and crosses interstate into South Australia and goes out to the sea at Goolwa, South Australia.

Do you have any rules or laws that say how much water can be taken from the Murray River in the different states of Australia?


Fluoridisation in our drinking water?

There is a lot of debate about introducing fluoride into the water we drink in Sunraysia – Mildura. There are many arguments for and against this idea. One of the arguments for the introduction of fluoride into the water is that it will reduce tooth decay while other people against the issue say that fluoride is a chemical, not a health benefit and shouldn’t be dumped into the water.

What is your opinion? Perhaps you have some evidence to back up your ideas?