Hunting is a big issue it is causing more animals each day to become extinct. The reason I picked hunting as my issue was because it is a global issue. People should stop hunting wild animals. What use is it killing an animal for just a little bit of its body? So Stop Hunting Now!

Should Hunting Even Be Happening


Regent Parrots

And The Most Colourful Fashion Award Goes To…


If you like a bit of colour then the Regent Parrot is the bird for you. With their colourful bright colours they could be spotted from miles away. These colours range from blue to yellow. The males are a bright golden-yellow with a shade of dark green on their back. While the females are young they are slightly different with a bit more green around their neck and head.


A Million Dollar House, I Think Not…

How about taking a trip to South Australia? You can see many wonderful things including the Regent Parrot, who love to nest in River Red Gums along the Murray River. But when they’re not breeding they like to take a little holiday to the surrounding mallee.


The Start of Something New! 


Every living thing has to start somewhere and for the Regent Parrot it’s in hollow branches or holes in large old trees near water. The female looks after and incubates the egg while the strong male feeds by regurgitation. 


Plants I Just Can’t Resist!

Some of the plants Regent Parrots can’t resist are the River Red Gum, Eucalyptus, dry woodland and they really love Salmon Gum.


Yummy, Yummy In My Tummy!! 


Have you ever wondered what a Regent Parrot restaurant would serve up? The menu includes seeds, buds, flowers and sometimes insect larvae. I think I’ll pass and skip to dessert.


 Hey Did You Know…?


This wonderful species is being threatened because people thought they were pests. Also many of their nesting areas were chopped down. Even these days they’re having trouble caused by other birds ‘kicking’ them out of their own homes as well as illegal events that occur around their nests. Unfortunately, there is only an estimated 400 pairs remaining in South Australia.


 By Rheanna and Tanzina






My drawing of a regent parrot

What I see when I look in the mirror!

I am very slim with a long tapering tail and back swept wings. I am mostly yellow with a mixture of blue and black wings. I also have yellow and red patches in my wings which show up against a clear blue sky in the background.


Endangered Regent Parrots.

Slim with long wings
They are great things
They live here they live there
They live almost everywhere
South Australia, NSW, Victoria too
Just to name a few.

They live in mature and dead River Red Gums
Especially when nesting time comes!
In the breeding season August to January
They have to be very wary.
They eat seeds and grasses, crops and plants
Definitely NOT anything like ants!

Males are mostly bright yellow, blue black wings and tail
With a red band across the mid wings attending to detail
Females around the head and the neck are mostly olive-green
They incubate their eggs and just don’t like to be seen.
Regent parrots have a distinctive call ‘carrack, carrack!’
And it is very rare to see them from a track.

These birds are endangered and need protecting
Slow down and if you see one; be respecting!