Energy is important

If you see that the classroom has enough light, turn the lights off.

If students leave the classroom and there’s no one in it  turn it off. (check if classrooms have sensors)

Close the doors if the heaters are on. Inform the students to wear jumpers to make everything much easier to save power!



Don’t waste energy

If we didn’t have to use any electricity it wouldn’t wreck the environment. It also wouldn’t make you pay heaps of money for power bills so what I’m trying to say is that people should walk to school or walk anywhere. We could somehow at school make up our own electricity. Why do I think this because it wastes too much money on electricity when we could make our own electricity. We could do this by getting bikes and it could power some stuff and also get people fit.


Do More with Less Conference: Saving our resources!

Saving energy catch the Walking Bus

Getting to know others

Getting to know others

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What a fabulous team of students to take to a Conference. All of them participated in the activities and made an effort to speak to and find out about what other schools were doing to improve the environment!





















The ‘Do More With Less’ Conference!

Last term, (Term 1) we went to the Do More With Less Conference at the St. Joseph’s Stadium.We met other schools and learnt what they do to solve their problems. One school said some people don’t bother about putting rubbish in the bin and just drop it and leave it. Then they put basketball hoops over the bin to make it look a bit of fun. I thought it was a great idea.

We got into teams with other schools and did activities. My favourite activity was the one where there’s 100 balls which represents energy. You put a ping pong ball down the pipe that matches symbols on the ball and the tub it belongs in. And only 3 out of 100 balls went to the house. So 3% of energy goes to our home. And the rest either gets to the mines, the power station or the electricity pole because we are using the electricity to get there. It’s true and sad.

We got to play with gadgets and do lots of things together. We all learnt lots of types of electricity like, energy, solar,etc. Overall it was a great day. Make sure you do more with less!



Environmental Conference

On the 19th of March the Environmental Team went to a Conference called Do more with less! It was about saving energy and helping save the Earth from any more pollution. Where we went there were some energy saving gadgets in the room such as a bike that powered devices like a kettle and a solar powered remote controlled car. It certainly gave us lots of ideas!


Do more with less

I had a great time at the Conference located at the St. Joseph’s College 11th St campus. I learnt new things and I had a good experience.

Three things that I learnt:

1. Wear jumpers in winter instead of turning on the heater.

2. Saving power is important.

3.Use solar panels if you can.

It was nice working with other people from other schools and getting to know what they are interested in. I love the different ways to make things work and that you don’t have to use technology. I love children with smiles on their faces and not just kids learning new things but teachers as well.

Big Thankyou to Ms Vorwerk for giving the MWPS Enviro Team a good experience and taking care of us. So a big THANK YOU Mrs. V!



Saving energy by pedal power!

On the 19th of March 2015 the Environmental Team went to a Conference at St. Joseph’s Collage 11th St Campus. There were 5 other schools there too. At the start of the Conference each school got to present a presentation about what their school is doing to save energy. I thought the exercise bike was the best when you pedaled a fan would turn on. This is something we might be able to do and maybe power a light!


Using environmentally friendly transport!

What a good idea to walk and ride more!

If you do this you will save the environment by not using as much fuel which will also save your money you won’t let off as much exhaust gas and smoke.

I would like to try and get my family to walk and ride around instead of driving everywhere because I love to ride my bike and I want everyone to ride around more often to save the environment and you can also save money for fuel.


Use your own energy and less resources!

Why don’t people walk and ride to places such as school,shops,friends house’s and parks. I think if more people ride and walk it can stop obesity and decrease the amount of obese people in world. We can do this instead of wasting money on fuel and polluting the air. I think it is a good thing to ride and walk!


With Less Do More!

I learnt a lot on the 19th of March 2015.

I learnt that if we use too many resources and just throw things away and hardly ever recycle it, we will run out of resources to make things. We should recycle more and use less resources. My favourite part of the day was when we used pedal power to heat up a kettle.


Saving Energy

On the 19th of March the environmental group went down to St Joseph’s Collage. I liked sharing my ideas with others in front of the whole audience. I liked the exercise bike because I learnt what you can use if you do not have any energy such as electricity or gas. You can use an exercise bike and connect it to a light, vacuum cleaner or fan and pedal to make them all work!


Do more for less at no cost to you!

On Thursday the 19th of March  our Enviro Group went to a Conference.

With the topic do more for less what is Do more for less you ask?  It’s a way to try and find a way to do more things with less resources. There were heaps of activities such as pedalling an exercise bike to power light bulbs, fans, kettles and lots more or using human power to charge batteries  or a remote control car. All by using no energy that you have to pay for. Remember to start using say an exercise bike and you will have nothing to pay for to get energy and electricity!


Do more with less… everyone needs to think about this!

I had a great day at the Do More with Less Conference at the st Joseph’s Stadium. I learnt lots of things about saving energy. One thing I learnt was that the electric car was invented in the 1800’s! I was so lucky to be able to go.



Do More With Less… use solar!

On the 19th of March the Enviro Team went to a Do More with Less Conference. I liked the solar powered oven because it doesn’t use any power and it is very helpful for the environment. I learnt that lots of things can be powered by solar panels for example you can boil a kettle or power an electric toy car.


Pedal power

When we were learning about energy one thing that I found really interesting was that you can use pedal power to power appliances.

How do you think this happens? That is right you need to get on an exercise bike and pedal and pedal so that you can power lighs, fans and even a kettle!