Japan’s Water Supplies

Five¬†reasons that in Japan it is not necessary to have water restrictions…

  • It snows so much in winter that when spring and summer come it all melts and water is plentiful
  • In Australia there is hot and dry summers whereas in Japan it is always humid and wet (often raining)¬†
  • Often people have little or no garden to water
  • It is a small country and everywhere is close to a river, lake or the ocean

Do you know of another country where there are no problems at this stage with water supplies?

What advice could Australians give the Japanese for their future water supplies?


Enviro Japan! Nicola reporting from Japan


People here do a lot of recycling and have a good bin system.The recycling trucks that I have seen are very brightly decorated and I have even seen one with rain drops on it! There is also a problem here because they love pretty things and that means lots of wrappping. The wrapping they use is soft plastic which can’t be recycled.

On the subject of rubbish, in Japan public bins do not exisit so you have to take your rubbish home. This works alright as I haven’t seen much rubbish lying around except the beach which is a bit of a disgrace..

In Japan houses are not wide but tall to save room. With this room they fill with rice or bean paddocks which are very popular in Japan. They also have plenty of mountains covered in forests. My cousin’s house used to have a forest in their backyard (which are usually small to save space) that was until the borer got all the trees.The borer is a bug that is harming many trees in Japan which are at least one hundred years old. The borer is a pest that has been intoduced from China. Back on the subject of plants, in the less city area people have lots of veggie patches but no fences and they’re for sharing around the food they grow.

People are very conservative when it comes to this topic and have made a special mini car to use less greenhouse gases. But these are not used often as everyone rides bikes. In the city there are bike sheds filled with about a hundred of them! To get to school kids must walk or ride depending on how close you are to school no lifts in a car even if it is pouring down or a storm. This saves lots of petrol because kids go to school even on holidays!

People are not as water wise as in Mildura because there are loads of creeks full of water and it snows. The bad thing is that when it snows people need to still drive so they have spinkerlrs in the middle of the road! They also have plentyof water features!

There are a few enviro groups but there is one that my uncle is a part of.They do much the same as us like releasing fingerlings and having get togethers to talk about their next project.This group is ony men though.