Quatrain poem about trees.



Trees have green leaves,

Rain is to help things grow,

Eucalyptus trees have twigs,

Every trees’ seeds evolve into trees.


Nice Trees and Dirty Knees

Plant more trees.

Get dirty knees.

More trees please.

Don’t stop till commanded ‘At ease!’



Tree Planting at Johnson’s Bend Sandbar 2009

 The Water Ambassadors and 5/6C planted over 100 trees at Johnson’s Bend Sandbar for National Tree day Planet Ark was thrilled by the amount of effort from Mildura West people!  

   A fabulous effort Mildura West students!

As part of Schools Tree Day and National Tree Day activities hundreds of thousands of people at 3400 sites around the country were planting and caring for native trees and shrubs. Well done and thank you Mildura West.


National Tree Day gives us the means to communicate to the broader community the importance of trees and forests everywhere. They create healthy places and air for human beings, habitat for animals and our world’s natural forests play a critical role in slowing down the process of climate change. Through your actions, you have all contributed to communicating this message. 


How to Plant Trees

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Planting is fun, but it is no good planting today if the plant dies later!

Taking a little more time to get the planting right is well worth the investment to ensure your plants survive. Also don’t forget that young plants will need extra care and water in the first few weeks, and after that a little weeding goes a long way in establishing healthy native habitats.

Here are some basic guidelines to follow when planting:

Note: it is advisable to wear gloves to protect yourself from injury, soil pathogens and any herbicides that may have been sprayed.

1. Dig a hole that is deeper than the seedling pot

2. Remove the plant gently from it’s container. Be careful not to tear the leaves or roots.

If it’s hard to remove, try inverting the pot keeping your fingers securely around the base of the plant and gently squeezing the sides or tapping the bottom of the pot.

For seedling trays, use a blunt knife or flat stick to gently lever out the plants.


3. Place the plant gently in the hole

4. Fill around the plant with soil without leaving any air gaps.

5. Make sure the root system is not above the soil surface, try to have the plant sitting in a slight depression or well so that it will attract and retain water.

6. Make sure the plant is standing straight.

7. Press the soil down firmly to remove air pockets and add plenty of mulch around the base to reduce water loss and weed invasion.

8. If you have tree guards, place them carefully around the plant.

For plastic sleeves use 3 stakes – put 2 stakes in around the plant, then the sleeve over these and use the third stake to make sure you have a nice taught triangle.

9. Water the plant. This will also help to get rid of air pockets.

Be careful not to tread on any plants as you walk away!

Make sure you take all your equipment with you.

If you have used a tree guard: When your plant grows a short distance above the top of the tree guard remove the tree guard. This prevents littering and the guard can then be reused.  


Rio Vista and National School’s Tree Day 2008


National Tree Day

National Tree Day is regarded as Australia’s most successful tree planting event and is held in July every year. It is a time when people throughout Australia re-vegetate an area close to them.

An area at Rio Vista Park Mildura has been revegetated to beautify the area, prevent erosion and to stop unwanted traffic making new pathways through the habitat.

Thank you to 5/6F at Mildura West for their planting contribution for Schools National Tree Day.