Mildura Landfill

We learnt about Fluoro lights and if they break dangerous powder can come out. If you have a broken fluoro tube wrap it up with paper or newspaper and put it in the rubbish bin.


Mildura Landfill and Aroundagain Excursion

At the Landfill I learnt that fluorescent lights have a very dangerous powder in them and you could possibly cause cancer from it. I also learnt that mattresses can make the ground separate and give way on the tracks that’s why they separate the mattresses from the rest of the landfill.


Entry for the Green Lane Diary Competition.

I was asked to write a persuasive piece for the Green Lane Diary competition about the Enviro Blog.

Our School’s Enviro Blog is the best!

At our school we have an everlasting dedication to Science. To show or prove to visitors, mentors or anyone that Mildura West students and teachers help and know and take action in the environment, we have the Enviro Blog that plays a major role. Having this online facility helps us to improve our scientific knowledge where we can offer our own ideas, read others’ ideas, opinions and facts and also allowing us to add comments as well

Every week or fortnight, students from the Enviro Team, Sustainability Ambassadors or any of the Year 5 or six students add a quick summary or opinion of recent environmental excursions, events or scientific guest speaker visits to our school. We never cease to amaze Mrs. Vorwerk, our teacher, who is impressed by our ideas, actions, PowerPoints and comments that we add to the Enviro Blog.

The posts can be about the places we visit, things we have learnt in Science, a guest speaker, statistics about Ride2school or the Rubbish Free Lunch and Snack results. All of this proves how scientifically awesome we are and can inform visitors about the ‘sciency’ events that are occurring at our school.  We also add photos and people can learn from our posts by choosing any of the 97 different topics. These topics range from pollution to wetlands to issues that are serious in our environment. The Enviro Blog is like a history of environmental ideas from past students to present.  We don’t ever delete anything on the Enviro Blog.

Another reason why our school’s Enviro Blog is the best is that kids can add replies to other kids, parents can look at it and make a comment too and anyone can comment as it is on the world wide web!

 When we make replies to comments we have to show that we have read the post. We need to say something positive to the writer, offer an opinion whether we agree or disagree and back our idea with evidence and then ask a question to clarify something we might not be sure about or would like more information.

The Enviro Blog gives us, as students, a voice to say what we think and share the actions we take in the environment.


Drain Stencilling to help understand why we do not litter!

Drain Stencilling to help understand why we do not litter!

5C representing the Recreation Management Student Action Team at Johnson's Bend!

5C representing the Recreation Management Student Action Team at Johnson’s Bend!



Blogging Etiquette

How to act on a blog.
What is a blog [weblog]?
A weblog, or simply a blog, is a website which contains posts in order of time. Such a web site can be accessed by any Internet user, the world-wide audience. Individual posts are written and together form the blog or weblog). They can have a particular theme or category.
Now it is your turn to write a post on the blog.
The purpose of a blog: To improve your skills in English and Technology: communication -writing to explain something and making comments, spelling, grammar, editing and proof reading, researching, offering opinions, points of view, inserting photos, PowerPoint, movies and many more.
Keep safe. Never post your personal information or information about someone else. Keep things like ages, addresses, phone numbers, names of towns, or even places we work off the Internet. Remember that information on the internet, especially embarrassing information, may still be around after you’ve deleted it. Be careful not to post things that may come back to haunt you later.
*When checking your details under ‘User’ do not fill in your last name or change the email from Mrs. V’s.
Follow Directions. Be sure to follow the directions that are given for the assignment
Keep it on topic – classroom oriented. This isn’t the place to discuss afterschool plans.
Be nice. In your comments: The most important thing to remember is sarcasm hurts. Be friendly and be positive. Remember … treat others as you would like to be treated. When commenting on someone else’s work, remember to say things positively and use appropriate language. Text message language is not acceptable on this blog. So capital letters, full stops need to be used. Keep the comments polite.
When making a comment:
1. Find something in the post that you can be positive about
2. Build on the topic in your comment using your background knowledge
3. You may like to add a question to clarify the meaning or ask the writer to research another part of the post.
4. Make sure the writer can tell that you have even read their post. A comment like ‘That’s great!’ does not show the writer that you have read their entry.
Be truthful and accurate. Write things you know to be correct using facts from research from reliable sources. The Internet is a great source of information but information is only useful when it is accurate. Check more than one source.
Ask first, then give credit. Ask anyone’s permission to post their photos, pictures or pieces of writing. Never use first and last names of people that could identify them in a photo or video. You must also ask permission when using an idea from a friend, a family member, or even from an acquaintance. After you have his/her permission, then you must ask if you can post his/her name to give him/her credit. If you know anyone who is breaking any part of this rule, it is very important to tell someone who can help immediately.
Read, re-read, and proof-read before you click ENTER. Don’t rush to make that final copy. Once you press that button, you can’t bring it back. Look everything over and use your spell check to be sure everything is accurate. When you are certain that the editing is complete, then save to publish.
*You will be given your username and password. Your username is your published name and cannot be changed. [Bookmark this site]


Last day at West!!!

Hey Guys,

I know this really isn’t about the environment and stuff but, I just wanted to say I miss everyone, and thanks to Mrs. Vorwerk for teaching me and putting me in the Environmental group, I enjoyed my time at West and I miss everybody there.

I hope you guys have a great time, I was gonna put in some pictures but I don’t have permission.


Thanks to everyone who helped me at West and I miss you all. 🙂


Kristina. xxx


Writing a Post

Hi all new people to the Enviro Team. Especially most of the year fives, writing a post is very unfamiliar. So here is a blog explaining how to write a post.

Writing a post is easier than you would think. When you log on to the blog it comes up with the site admin. Up the top it says MILDURA WEST ENVIRONMENTAL TEAM.

Under that it has WRITE, MANAGE and COMMENTS. Click into WRITE. Once you are on the page you will see a part of the page with a spot to put the title and your story. In between that it has bold, Italic, spell check, the alignments(left, middle or right). These are inflatable water park for sale the main ones you will use. On the right you will see where you can save. If your blog is incomplete you save it. When it is done you click submit for preview. If you scroll down the page a tiny bit you will see that it has the title CATEGORIES. There you select what category your story suits. If you cannot find a category that suits you story put it in ‘General.’ You can choose more than one category.inflatable water slides


Blogging is like exploring.

I have learnt how to blog. It is so much fun I didn’t want to stop. I went to explore the whole website and found there are so many topics I am interested in. I would like to learn how to make comments and how to write an interesting post.

    Can anyone give me some ideas?
    What are some environmental topics that have not been covered?


Blogging helps me learn!

Today we have been blogging. I had not been blogging before. It is fun reading other peoples’ ideas and making comments. Some of the ideas I agree with and some I don’t. I suppose that’s what makes it interesting as there are so many different ideas. I also learnt about lots of interesting things and that helps me understand things better.


Blogging is interesting!

Today my class 5/6D have been blogging on the MWPS Enviroment Blog. I know that blogging can be about anything and the topics for this blog are anything to do with the environment. This blog is on the world wide web so anyone can read it and make a comment. I think we can learn lots from blogging especially if there are comments from people all over the world. I had fun leaving feedback. I saw some really good work about all sorts of environmental topics.