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by leaving your waste.

By Annabel M, Kyle M, Alex P, Harry P, Jeremy H, Indi M and Zane M


Arbor Week at Rio Vista Park

On Thursday the 26th of June our class 5/6E went down to Rio Vista Park to plant trees for Arbor Day. We were split up into teams I was with Nicola and Alira and everyone else was in their groups of three. We planted all sorts of different native trees such as River Red Gum trees and some Black Box trees.

We had to put a new sort of cover around the trees to protect them because they were much different to the old ones. We had to put a wooden stick in the ground beside the tree then put the cover over the stick and over the plant then we put the other sticks inside the cover and made a triangle. Then we poured two buckets of water in the little pockets that are inside of the cover. Then we got a black plastic spring, we had to straighten the ends out, screw a hole in the cover and screw it in further until it started dripping water out of the other end. That waters the plant for about three weeks.

After that the Mildura Rural City Council will fill the protective pockets back up again. These new covers are easier than the old ones because the Council could leave the plants for a longer period of time and the plants wouldn’t die because you have the water dripping continuously off the end of the black plastic spring. With the old covers the plants would probably just die because they wouldn’t have been watered especially as we are not getting very much rain. That was our visit to Rio Vista Park. We had lots of fun.


ARBOR WEEK 23rd – 29th June 2008

In many countries it has been a tradition to hold an annual tree or forest festival. Arbor is a Latin word meaning tree. Arbor Day was first observed in Nebraska in America in 1872. Mr. J.S. Morton invented the idea. He wanted to promote replanting, after trees had been cut down and to re-vegetate treeless areas.
The idea has spread widely to other countries where Arbor Week is celebrated as:
? ‘Festival of Trees’
? ‘Greening Week’ of Japan
? ‘The New Year’s Days of Trees’ in Israel
? ‘The Tree-loving Week’ of Korea
? ‘The Reforestation Week’ of Yugoslavia
? ‘The Students’ Afforestation Day’ of Iceland
? ‘The National Festival of Tree Planting’ in India
? ‘Arbor Week’ in Australia
Arbor Week is now recognised in more than fifty countries.

During Arbor Week we hope to
Promote a better knowledge of native trees
• Raise awareness of the dangers of bushfires
• Highlight the vital role of trees in our lives by organising a variety of
re-vegetating events
• Encourage everyone to participate in tree planting and greening