Take Action!

The water is disgusting,

I’m disappointed about what we’ve done.

If we don’t stop littering the river

Our tourists will not think coming to our region is fun!

The only thing we can do is to clean it up

Before this nightmare will have won!


Wallpolla Island, a Living Murray Icon Site!

On the 22/7/08 Mrs V’s group went to Wallpolla Island. Wallpolla Island is one of the 6 iconic sites along the Murray River involved in the Living Murray Project. The Living Murray Project is a program which started up in 2002 in response to evidence that the health of the Murray River is getting worse.

The Living Murray’s first step was to focus on the 6 ‘Icon Sites’ along the Murray River, so they could restore these areas and protect the habitats. There was an amount of environmental water for every site so that these areas could be flooded to help the vegetation survive.
These are the sites that we will probably hear more about in the future.
? Barmah-Millewa Forest
? Gunbower-Koondrook-Perricoota Forest
? Lower Lakes, Coorong and the Murray Mouth
? River Murray Channel
? Hattah Lakes, close to Mildura in Victoria and …
? Chowilla Floodplain and Lindsay-Wallpolla Islands


Welcome to the Enviro Team!

Me, myself and I would like to personally welcome all new members of the glorious Enviro Team for 2008!
I can guarantee that it is going to be great to have you aboard the team!
I hope that you feel welcome, share your ideas and be able to show others the right thing to do!

                                                    Good luck!
From Mikaela!